The ultimate IT acronym glossary

AA ------- Auto Answer
AAB ------ All-to-All Broadcast
AAP ------ Applications Access Point [DEC]
AAS ------ All-to-All Scatter
AASP ----- ASCII Asynchronous Support Package
AAT ------ Average Access Time
ABC ------ Atanasoff-Berry Computer (First digital calculating machine that used vacuum tubes)
ABEND ---- Abnormal End
ABI ------ Application Binary Interface
ABIOS ----- Advanced BIOS
ABS ------ Absolute
ABT ------ Abort
AC ------- Automatic Computer + Alternating Current
ACC ------ Accumulator
ACD ------ Automated Call Distribution + Automatic Call Distributor
ACDI ----- Asynchronous Communications Device Interface
ACE ------ Advanced Computing Environment [SCO] + Adverse Channel Enhancements [Microcom] + Automatic Computing Engine
ACF ------ Access Control Field + Advanced Communications Function
ACH ------ Automated Clearing House
ACIAS ---- Automated Calibration Internal Analysis System
ACIS ----- American Committee for Interoperable Systems
ACK ------ Acknowledgment
ACL ------ Access Control List
ACM ------ Association for Computing Machinery
ACMS ----- Application Control Management System
ACP ------ Ancillary Control Program + Auxillary Control Process
ACROSS --- Automated Cargo Release and Operations Service System
ACS ------ Access + Access Control Set + Access Control System + Asynchronous Communication Server
ACU ------ Automatic Calling Unit
A/D ------ Analog to Digital
ADA ------ Automatic Data Acquisitions + (Programming Language named after Autusta Ada Lovelace)
ADC ------ Adaptive Data Compression (protocol) [Hayes] + Add with Carry + Analog to Digital Converter
ADCCP ---- Advanced Data Communication Control Procedures
ADF ------ Automatic Document Feed
.ADF ----- Adapter Description File (file name extension) [IBM]
ADI ------ AutoCad Device Interface (driver)
ADL ------ Address Data Latch
ADLAT ---- Adaptive Lattice Filter
ADMD ----- Administrative Management Domain [X.400]
.ADN ----- Add In Utility (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
ADP ------ Automatic Data Processing
ADPCM ---- Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADR ------ Address
ADS ------ Application Development Solutions [AT&T] + Application Development System + Automatic Distribution System
ADSC ----- Address Status Changed
ADSR ----- Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
ADT ------ Application Data Types
ADU ------ Automatic Dialing Unit
AE ------- Above or Equal
AEB ------ Analog Expansion Bus [Dialogic]
AF ------- Auxilary carry Flag
AFC ------ Automatic Font Change
AFD ------ Automatic File Distribution
AFII ----- Association for Font Information Interchange
.AFM ----- Adobe Font Metrics (file name extension) [Adobe Systems]
AGC ------ Automatic Gain Control
AI ------- Analog Input + Artificial Intelligence
AIA ------ Applications Integration Architecture [DEC]
AIF ------ Audio Interchange Format
AIIM ----- Association for Information and Image Management
AIN ------ Advanced Intelligent Network [Bell Atlantic]
AISB ----- Association of Imaging Service Bureaus
AISP ----- Association of Information Systems Professionals
AIX ------ Advanced Interactive Executive [IBM]
ALC ------ Arithmetic and Logic Circuits + Automatic Level Control
ALE ------ Address Latch Enable
ALGOL ---- Algorithmic Oriented Language (see IAL)
ALR ------ Advanced Logic Research, Inc.
ALT ------ Alternate (mode)
ALU ------ Arithmetic Logic Unit
AMD ------ Active Matrix Display + Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
AMMA ----- Advanced Memory Management Architecture [Everex Systems]
AMANDDA -- Automated Messaging and Directory Assistance
ANCOVA --- Analysis of Covariance
ANI ------ Automatic Number Identification
ANOVA ---- Analysis Of Variance
ANSI ----- American National Standards Institute
AO ------- Analog Output
AOE ------ Application Operating Environment [AT&T]
AOL ------ America Online
AOS ------ Add Or Subtract
AP ------- Adjunct Processor + Application Processor
A/P ------ Accounts Payable
APA ------ Adaptive Packet Assembly + All Points Addressable + Arithmetic Processing Accelerator
APAR ----- Authorized Program Analysis Report [IBM]
APAREN --- Address Parity Enable [IBM]
APCUG ---- Association of PC User Groups
API ------ Application Program Interface + Application Programming Interface
APL ------ A Programming Language (Mathematics)
APM ------ Advanced Power Management [IBM OS2]
.APP ----- Application (file name extension) [R:Base]
APPC ----- Advanced Program-to-Program Communications [IBM]
APPI ----- Advanced Peer-to-Peer Internetworking
APPN ----- Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking [IBM]
APS ------ Asynchronous Protocol Specification
APSE ----- ADA Programming Support Environment
APT ------ Address Pass Through + Automatically Programmed Tools
A/R ------ Accounts Receivable
ARA ------ Apple Remote Access
.ARC ----- Archive (file name extension)
ARCA ----- Advanced RISC Computing Architecture
ARCnet --- Attached Resource Computer Network
.ARJ ----- Compressed File (file name extension) [Jung]
ARL ------ Adjusted Ring Length
ARLL ----- Advanced Run Length Limited
ARM ------ Annotated Reference Manual + Asynchronous Response Mode
ARMA ----- Association of Records Managers and Administrators
ARP ------ Address Resolution Protocol [Novell]
ARPA ----- Advanced Research Projects Agency
ARPL ----- Adjust Requested Privilege Level
ARTIC ---- A Real-Time Interface Copressor [IBM]
ARQ ------ Automatic Repeat Request
ARU ------ Audio Response Unit
ASAP ----- As Soon As Possible + Automatic Switching And Processing
AS3AP ---- ANSI SQL Standard Scalable and Portable
.ASC ----- ASCII text (file name extension)
ASCII ---- American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASIC ----- Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
ASIT ----- Advanced Security and Identification Technology
ASL ------ Adaptive Speed Levelling
.ASM ----- Assembler Source Language (file name extension)
ASP ------ Association of Shareware Professionals
ASPI ----- Advanced SCSI Programming Interface [Adaptec]
ASPS ----- Advanced Signal Processing System
ASR ------ Automatic Send-Receive + Automatic Speech Recognition
AST ------ AST Research, Inc. (named from first initials of the founders: Albert Wong, Safi Qureshey, Thomas Yuen)
ASYNC ---- Asynchronous
AT ------- Advanced Technology + Attention
ATA ------ AT Bus Attachment
ATDP ----- Attention Dial Pulse
ATDT ----- Attention Dial Tone
ATE ------ Automated Test Equipment
ATG ------ Advanced Technology Group
ATH ------ Attention Hang-Up
ATM ------ Adobe Typeface Manager + Asynchronous Transfer Mode + Automated Teller Machine
ATR ------ Automatic Terminal Recognition
ATS ------ Administrative Terminal System + Apple Terminal Services
AT&T ----- American Telephone and Telegraph
ATTN ----- Attention
ATTRIB --- Attribute (also ATR)
AUDIT ---- Automated Data Input Terminal
AUI ------ Attached Unit Interface
AUP ------ Appropriate Use Policies [Internet]
AUTO ----- Automatic
AUX ------ Auxiliary + (First Serial Port)
AVA ------ Audio Visual Authoring [IBM]
AVC ------ Audio Visual Connection [IBM]
AVG ------ Average
AVI ------ Audio Visual Interleaved [Microsoft]
AWG ------ American Wire Gage
AWK ------ (Unix language named after its authors... Al Aho, Peter Weinberger and Brian Kernighan)
AWS ------ Advanced Workstations and Systems (group) [IBM]
AX ------- Architecture Extended + Automatic Transmission

BAK ------ Binary Adaption Kit [Microsoft]
.BAK ----- Backup (file name extension)
BAL ------ Basic Assembly Language
BAM ------ Boyan Action Module
BARTS ---- Bell Atlantic Regional Timesharing
.BAS ----- Basic Language (file name extension)
BASIC ---- Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASM ----- Built-In Assembler
.BAT ----- Batch Processing (file name extension)
BBS ------ Bulletin Board System
BCC ------ Blind Carbon Copy + Block Check Character
BCD ------ Binary Coded Decimal
BCL ------ Batch Command Language
BCP ------ Bulk Copy Program
BCPL ----- Basic Computer Programming Language
BCR ------ Byte Count Register
BDOS ----- Basic Disk Operating System
BE ------- Below or Equal
BEL ------ Bell
BELLCORE - Bell Communications Research
BERT ----- Bit Error Rate Test/Tester
BF ------- Bad Flag
B/F ------ Background/Foreground
BFT ------ Binary File Transfer
BGE ------ Branch if Greater or Equal
.BGI ----- Borland Graphic Interface (file name extension)
BGT ------ Branch if Greater Than
BHI ------ Branch if Higher
BHIS ----- Branch if Higher or Same
BI ------- Binary Input
.BIB ----- Bibliography (file name extension)
BiDi ----- Bidirectional
BIM ------ Beginning of Information Marker
.BIN ----- Binary (file name extension)
BINAC ---- Binary Automatic Computer
BIOS ----- Basic Input/Output System
BIS ------ Business Information System
BISDN ---- Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
BiSYNC --- (See BSYNC)
BIT ------ Binary Digit
BITNET --- Because It's Time Network
BIU ------ Bus Interface Unit
BIX ------ Byte Information Exchange (BBS)
.BK! ----- Backup (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
BKSP ----- Backspace
BL ------- Backlit
BLAST ---- Blocked Asynchronous Transmission (protocol) [Communications Research Group]
.BLD ----- BASIC Bload Graphics (file name extension)
BLE ------ Branch if Less or Equal
BLK ------ Block
BLMC ----- Buried Logic Macrocell
BLOB ----- Binary Large Object
BLOS ----- Branch if Lower Or Same
BMI ------ Branch if Minus
BMIC ----- BusMaster Interface Controller [Intel]
BMP ------ Batch Message Processing Program
.BMP ----- Bitmap Picture (file name extension)
BNE ------ Branch if Not Equal
BO ------- Binary Output
BoB ------ Break-out Box
BOM ------ Beginning Of Message
BOOTP ---- Bootstrap Protocol [Internet]
BORPQU --- Borland Pro Quattro
BORQU ---- Borland Quattro
BOS ------ Basic Operating System
BOT ------ Beginning Of Table + Beginning of Tape
BP ------- Base Pointer
BPB ------ BIOS Parameter Block
BPI ------ Bits Per Inch
BPL ------ Branch if Plus
BPS ------ Bits Per Second + Bytes Per Second
BR ------- Bad Register
BRGC ----- Binary Reflected Gray Code
BRI ------ Basic Rate Interface + Brain Response Interface
BSAM ----- Basic Sequential Access Method
BSC ------ Binary Synchronous Communication
.BSC ----- Boyan Script (file name extension) [Boyan Communications]
BSCS ----- Bachelor of Science (Degree) in Computer Science
BSD ------ Berkely Software/Standard Distribution
BSF ------ Bit Scan Forward
BSI ------ British Standards Institute
BSR ------ Bit Scan Reverse
BSS ------ Block Started by Symbol
BSV ------ BASIC Bsave Graphics (file name extension)
BSY ------ Busy
BSYNC ---- Binary Synchronous Communications (protocol)
BT ------- Bit Test
BTAM ----- Basic Telecommunications Access Method [IBM]
BTB ------ Branch Target Buffer
BTC ------ Bit Test and Complement
BTP ------ Batch Transfer Program
BTR ------ Bit Test and Reset
BTS ------ Bit Test and Set
BU ------- Branch Unit
BUF ------ Buffer
BWM ------ Block-Write Mode
B2X ------ Binary To Hexadecimal [REXX]
BYTE ----- Binary Element String

C -------- C Programming Language
.C ------- C source code (file name extension) [C]
CA ------- Collision Avoidance
CAD ------ Computer Aided Design
CADD ----- Computer Aided Design and Drafting
CAE ------ Common Applications Environment + Computer Aided Engineering
CAG ------ Column Address Generator
CAI ------ Computer Aided Instruction
CAL ------ Calendar + Computer Aided Learning
CAM ------ Common Access Method + Computer Aided Manufacturing + Contents Addressable Memory
CAN ------ Cancel
CAP ------ Central Arbitration Point + Communication Application Platform + Computer Aided Publishing
.CAP ----- Capture (file name extension)
CAPD ----- Computing To Assist Persons With Disabilities [Johns Hopkins University]
CAPS ----- Capitals (Upper Case Letters) + Cassette Programming System
CARL ----- Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries [Internet]
CAS ------ Column Address Select + Communications Application Specification + Computer Aided Styling
CASE ----- Computer Aided Software Engineering
CASL ----- Crosstalk Application Scripting Language [DCA]
CASS ----- Computer Assisted Search Service
CASSIS --- Classified and Search Support Information System
CAT ------ Computer Aided Testing + Computer Aided Tomography + Computer Aided Transcription + Concatenate
.CAT ----- Catalog (file name extension)
CATS ----- Computer Assisted Training System
CATV ----- Community Antenna Television
CAV ------ Constant Angular Velocity
CBCR ----- Channel Byte Count Register
CBEMA ---- Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
CBL ------ Computer Based Learning
.CBL ----- COBOL source code (file name extension)
CBT ------ Computer Based Training
CBW ------ Convert Byte to Word
CBX ------ Computer-Controlled Branch Exchange
CC ------- Cluster Controller
CCD ------ Charged-Coupled Device
CCFT ----- Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube
CCITT ---- Consultative Committee for International Telegraph and Telephone
CCP ------ Console Command Processor
CCS ------ Common Communications Support + Continuous Composite Servo
CD ------- Carrier Detect + Change Directory + Collision Detection + Color Display + Compact Disk
C/D ------ Control Data
C2D ------ Character To Decimal [REXX]
CDA ------ Compound Document Architecture [DEC]
CDC ------ Control Data Corporation
CD_CHRDY - Card Channel Ready [IBM]
CDDI ----- Copper Distributed Data Interface
CDE ------ Common Desktop Environment + Complex Data Entry
.CDF ----- Comma Delimited Format (file name extension)
CD-I ----- Compact Disk -- Interactive
CD-MO ---- Compact Disk -- Magneto Optical
CDOS ----- Concurrent Disk Operating System
CDL ------ Computer Design Language
CDMA ----- Code Division Multiple Access
CDPD ----- Cellular Digital Packet Data
CD-RDx --- Compact Disk -- Read Only Memory Data Exchange Standard
CD-ROM --- Compact Disk -- Read Only Memory
CDR ------ Call Detail Record + Call Detail Recording
CD-R ----- Compact Disk -- Recordable
CDRL ----- Contract Data Requirements List
CD-RTOS -- Compact Disk -- Real Time Operating System
CDS ------ Current Directory Structure
CD-V ----- Compact Disk -- Video
CD-WO ---- Compact Disk -- Write Once
.CDX ----- Compound Index (file name extension) [Fox Pro]
CD-XA ---- Compact Disk -- Extended Architecture
CE ------- Cache Enable + Chip Enable + Collision Elimination + Convert Enable
CEG ------ Continuous Edge Graphics
CEI ------ Conducted Electromagnetic Interference
CERT ----- Computer Emergency Response Team
.CFG ----- Configuration (file name extension)
CFV ------ Call For Votes [Bitnet]
CGA ------ Color Graphics Adapter
CGI ------ Computer Generated Images + Computer Graphics Interface
.CGM ----- Computer Graphics Metafile (file name extension) + Graph (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
CHAP ----- Challenge Authentication Protocol (protocol)
CHAR ----- Character
CHAT ----- Conversational Hypertext Access Technology [Internet]
CHCK ----- Channel Check
CHCP ----- Change Code Page
CHDIR ---- Change Directory
CHGRP ---- Change Group
.CHK ----- CHKDSK (file name extension)
CHKDSK --- Check Disk
CHMOD ---- Change Mode
CHOWN ---- Change Owner
CHP ------ Chapter
CHR ------ Character
CICS/VS -- Customer Information Control System/Virtual Storage [IBM]
CID ------ Configuration/Installation/Distribution
CIM ------ CompuServe Information Manager + Computer Integrated Manufacturing
CIOCS ---- Communication Input/Output Control System
CIP ------ Command Interface Port
CIRC ----- Circular Reference
CIS ------ Card Information Structure + CompuServe Information Service + Computer Information Systems
CISC ----- Complex Instruction Set Computing
CIX ------ Commercial Internet Exchange + Compulink Information Exchange
CKD ------ Count Key Data (device)
CLAR ----- Channel Local Address Register
CLASS ---- Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services
CLC ------ Clear Carry Flag
CLD ------ Clear Direction Flag
CLI ------ Call-Level Interface + Clear Interrupt Flag + Command Line Interface
CLIST ---- Command List
CLK ------ Clock
CLNP ----- Connectionless Network Protocol
.CLP ----- Clipboard (file name extension) [Windows]
CLS ------ Clear Screen
CLTS ----- Clear Task Switch Flag
CLUI ----- Command Line User Interface
CLUT ----- Color Look-Up Table [Macintosh]
CLV ------ Constant Linear Velocity
CM ------- Centimeter + Control Mark + Corrective Maintenance
CMA ------ Concert Multi-thread Architecture
CMC ------ Communication Mangement Configuration + Complement Carry Flag + Computer-Mediated Communication [Internet]
.CMD ----- Command (file name extension)
CMIP ----- Common Management Information Protocol
CMIS ----- Common Management Information System
CML ------ Computer Mananged Learning + Current Mode Logic
CMMS ----- Computerized Maintenance Management Software
CMMU ----- Cache/Memory Management Unit [Motorola]
CMOS ----- Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CMP ------ Compare + Computer
CMPS ----- Compare word String -----
CMS ------ Code Management System + Compiler Monitor System + Conversation Monitor System
CMY ------ Cyan-Magenta-Yellow (color model)
CMYK ----- Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black (color model)
CNC ------ Computerized Numerical Control
.CNF ----- Configuration (file name extension)
CNG ------ Calling (tone)
CNSS ----- Core Nodal Switching Subsystem [Internet]
CNV ------ Conventional (pertaining to Memory)
CNVT ----- Convert
CO ------- Central Office + Command Output + Convert Out
.COB ----- COBAL source code (file name extension)
COBOL ---- Common Business-oriented Language (See HLL)
.COD ----- Code List (file name extension)
CODASYL -- Conference on Data System Languages (Group that designed COBOL)
CODEC ---- Coder/Decoder + Compression/Decompression
COEM ----- Commercial Original Equipment Manufacturer
COFF ----- Common Obtect File Format [Unix]
COGO ----- Coordinate Geometry (Programming Language)
COL ------ Collision + Computer Oriented Language
COM ------ Commercial (organization Domain name) [Internet]
.COM ----- Command (file name extension) +
COM1 ----- First serial Port (asynchronous port)
COM2 ----- Second serial Port
COM3 ----- Third serial Port
COM4 ----- Fourth serial Port
COMDEX --- Computer Dealers Exposition
COMP ----- Compare + Communications
COMSAT --- Communications Satellite Corporation
CON ------ Console (includes Keyboard and Screen)
CONFIG --- Configuration
CONTONE -- Continuous Tone
CORBA ---- Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CoREN ---- Corporation for Research and Enterprise Network
COS ------ Compatible Operating System
COSE ----- Combined Office Standard Environment + Common Open Software Environment
COSMOS --- Computer System for Mainframe Operations
COTS ----- Commercial Off-The-Shelf
CP ------- Copy Protected
CPA ------ Certified Public Accountant
CPCS ----- Check Processing Control System [IBM]
CPE ------ Central Processing Element + Customer Premise Equipment + Customer Provided Equipment
CPG ------ Clock Pulse Generator
CPI ------ Characters Per Inch + Clock Per Instruction + Common Programming Interface [IBM]
.CPI ----- Code Page Information (file name extension) [MS-DOS]
CPI-C ---- Common Programming Interface for Communications [IBM]
CPL ------ Current Privilege Level
CP/M ----- Control Program for Microcomputers
CPS ------ Characters Per Second + Cycles Per Second
CPT ------ Command Pass Through
CPU ------ Central Processing Unit
CR ------- Carriage Return
CRC ------ Cyclic Redundancy Check
.CRD ----- Cardfile (file name extension)
CREN ----- Computer Research Education Network + Corporation for Research and Education Networking
CRF ------ Cross Reference File
CR/LF ---- Carriage Return/Line Feed
CROM ----- Control Read Only Memory
CRT ------ Cathode Ray Tube
CRTC ----- CRT Controller
CS ------- Chip Select + Clear to Send + Code Segment
C/S ------ Client/Server
CSAR ----- Channel System Address Register
CSD ------ Corrective Service Diskette [IBM]
CSG ------ Constructive Solid Geometry + Consulting Services Group [Lotus]
CSL ------ Computer Sensitive Language
CSMA/CD -- Carrier Sense Multiple Access/with Collision Detection
CSNET ---- Computer Science Network
CSS ------ Continuous System Simulator (Language)
CSP ------ Commercial Subroutine Package + CompuCom Speed Protocol [CompuCom]
CSTA ----- Computer-Supported Telephony Applications
CSU ------ Channel Service Unit
CSV ------ Comma-Separated Variables + Common Services Verbs (interface) [Microsoft]
C&T ------ Chips and Technologies
CTI ------ Computer-Telephone Integration
CTOS ----- Computerized Tomography Operating System
CTPA ----- Coax-to-Twisted-Pair Adapter
CTRL ----- Control
CTS ------ Clear To Send
CTSS ----- Compatible Time Sharing System
CUA ------ Common User Access [IBM]
CUB ------ Cursor Backward
CUD ------ Cursor Down
CUE ------ Custom Updates and Extras (card) [Egghead Software]
CUF ------ Cursor Forward
CUI ------ Character-Oriented User Interface + Common User Interface [IBM]
CUP ------ Cursor Position
CUPID ---- Completely Universal Processor I/O Design [AST]
.CUR ----- Cursor (file name extension)
CUTE ----- Clarkston University Terminal Emulator
CUU ------ Cursor Up
CVF ------ Compressed Volume File
CVGA ----- Color Video Gaphics Array
CVIA ----- Computer Virus Industry Association
CVT ------ Convert
CVW ------ CodeView for Windows
CWD ------ Convert Word to Double Word + Change Working Directory [Internet]
CWIS ----- Campus Wide Information Systems [Internet]
C2X ------ Character To Hexadecimal [REXX]
CYL ------ Cylinder
CYMK ----- Cyan-Yellow-Magenta-Black (color model)

D/A ------ Digital to Analog
DAA ------ Data Access Arrangement + Decimal Adjust for Addition
DAC ------ Data Acquisition and Control + Digital to Analog Converter
DAD ------ Desktop Application Director [Borland]
DAL ------ Data Access Language [Apple Computer] + Disk Access Lockout
DAM ------ Data Acquisition and Monitoring
DAP ------ Data Access Protocol [DEC]
DARI ----- Database Application Remote Interface [IBM]
DAS ------ Decimal Adjust for Subtraction
DASD ----- Direct Access Storage Device
DAT ------ Digital Audio Tape + Disk Array Technology
.DAT ----- Data (file name extension)
DATACOM -- Data Communications
dB ------- Decibel
DB ------- Data Base + Data Buffer
dBA ------ Adjusted Decibel
DBCS ----- Double-Byte Character Set
.DBF ----- Database (file name extension)
DBM ------ Data Base Manager
DBMS ----- Data Base Management System
DBS ------ Data Base Server
DB2 ------ Database 2
DC ------- Data Collection + Data Communication + Data Control + Device Control + Direct Current
D2C ------ Decimal To Character [REXX]
DCA ------ Digital Communications Associates + Document Content Architecture [IBM]
DCAF ----- Distributed Console Access Facility [IBM]
DCB ------ Disk Coprocessor Board [Novell]
DCC ------ Digital Compact Cassette + Display Combination Code
DCD ------ Data Carrier Detect
DCE ------ Data Communications Equipment + Distributed Computing Environment [OSF] + Distributed Computing Equipment
DCF ------ Data Communication Facility [IBM] + Data Compression Facility + Data Count Field [IBM] + Driver Configuration File [Lotus]
DCL ------ Declaration + DEC Command Language [DEC] + Device Clear + Digital Control Logic + Digital Command Language [Digital]
DCS ------ Data Collection System + Data Control System + Desktop Color Separation
DCT ------ Discrete Cosine Transform
.DCT ----- Dictionary (file name extension)
DD ------- Day + Digital Display + Double Density
DDA ------ Domain-Defined Attribute
DDB ------ Device Dependent Bitmap
DDCMP ---- Digital Data Communications Message Protocol [DEC]
DDCS ----- Distributed Database Connection Services [IBM]
DDD ------ Direct Distance Dialing
DDE ------ Direct Data Entry + Dynamic Data Exchange [Microsoft]
DDEML ---- Dynamic Data Exchange Manager Library [Microsoft]
DDK ------ Device Driver Kit [Microsoft Windows]
DDL ------ Data Definition Language + Data Description Language
DDM ------ Distributed Data Management
DDN ------ Defense Data Network
DDS ------ Dataphone Digital Service [AT&T] + Design Data Sheet + Digital Data Storage
DEC ------ Decrement + Device Clear + Digital Equipment Corporation
DEF ------ Desktop Functional Equivalent [Compaq]
.DEF ----- Definitions + Defaults (file name extensions)
DEFRAG --- Defragment
DEL ------ Delete
DELSTR --- Delete String [REXX]
.DEM ----- Demonstration (file name extension)
DES ------ Data Encryption Standard + Data Entry Sheet
.DES ----- Description (file name extension)
DET ------ Device Execute Trigger
DEV ------ Device
DF ------- Data Field + Destination Field + Device Flag + Double Flag
DFC ------ Data Flow Control
DFS ------ Distributed File System
DFT ------ Diagnostic Funtion Test + Discrete Fourier Transform + Distributed Function Terminal
DFU ------ Data File Utility
DGIS ----- Direct Graphics Interface Standard
.DHP ----- Dr. Halo PIC (file name extension)
DI ------- Data In + Destination Index
DIA ------ Document Interchange Architecture [IBM]
DIB ------ Device Independent Bitmap
DIBOL ---- DEC Business Oriented Language
.DIC ----- Dictionary (file name extension)
DID ------ Direct Inward Dialing
DIF ------ Data Interchange Format
DIFFSENS - Differential Sense
DIIP ----- Direct Interrupt Identification Port
DIN ------ Deutsche Industrie Norm (German equivalent of EIA)
DIO ------ Data Input-Output
DIP ------ Digital Imaging Processing + Dual In-line Package + Dual In-line Pin
DIR ------ Directory (file)
DIS ------ Dynamic Impedance Stabilization [CompuCom]
DISP ----- Displacement (offset)
DIV ------ Divide
DIW ------ D-Inside Wire [AT&T]
DL ------- Download
DL/1 ----- Data Manipulation Language 1 [IBM]
DLC ------ Data Link Control (protocol) [IBM]
DLE ------ Data Link Escape
DLL ------ Dynamic Link Library
DLM ------ Dynamic Link Module
DLR ------ DOS LAN Requester
DM ------- Distributed Memory
DMA ------ Direct Memory Access/Addressing
DMAC ----- DMA Controller
DME ------ Distributed Management Environment
DMI ------ Desktop Mangement Interface
DML ------ Data Manipulation Language
DMM ------ Digital Multimeter
DMMS ----- Dynamic Memory Management System
DMOS ----- Double-diffused Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
DMP ------ Dot Matrix Printer
DMPC ----- Distributed Memory Parallel Computer
DMQS ----- Display Mode Query and Set [IBM]
DMS ------ Data Management Software + Data Management System
DMSD ----- Digital Multistandard Decoding
DMTF ----- Desktop Management Task Force
DMY ------ Day Month Year
DN ------- Down
DNC ------ Direct Numerical Control
DNIS ----- Dialed Number Identification Service
DNS ------ Domain Naming System
DO ------- Data Out
.DOC ----- Document + Documentation (file name extensions)
DOE ------ Distributed Objects Everywhere
DOS ------ Disk Operating System
DOSEM ---- DOS Emulation
DOW ------ Day Of Week
DP ------- Data Processing
DPA ------ Demand Protocol Architecture [3Com]
DPAREN --- Data Parity Enable [IBM]
DPB ------ Drive Parameter Block
DPC ------ Direct Program Control
DPI ------ Dots Per Inch
DPL ------ Descriptor Privilege Level
DPM ------ Digital Panel Meter
DPMA ----- Data Processing Management Association
DPMI ----- DOS Protected Mode Interface [Microsoft]
DPO ------ Data Phase Optimization
DPSK ----- Differential Phase Shift Keying
DPtoTP --- Display Coordinates to Tablet Coordinates (converting)
DQL ------ DataEase Query Language [DataEase International]
DR ------- Data Received
D/R ------ Direct or Reverse
DRAM ----- Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRAW ----- Direct Read After Write
DRDA ----- Distributed Relational Database Architecture [IBM]
DRDW ----- Direct Read During Write
DRI ------ Digital Research Incorporated
DRO ------ Data Request Output + Destructive Read-Out
.DRS ----- Driver Resource (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
DRV ------ Drive
.DRV ----- Device Driver (file name extension) (Also see .DVR)
.DRW ----- Draw + Drawing (file name extensions)
DS ------- Data Segment + Data Send + Data Server + Double Sided
DSDD ----- Double Sided, Double Density (diskette)
DSE ------ Data Storage Equipment
DSEA ----- Display Station Emulation Adapter
DSECT ---- Dummy Control Section
DSHD ----- Double Sided, High Density (diskette)
DSIS ----- Distributed Support Information Standard
DSL ------ Dynamic Simulation Language
DSOM ----- Distributed System Object Model
DSP ------ Digital Signal Processing + Digital Signal Processor
DSQD ----- Double Sided, Quad Density (diskette)
DSR ------ Data Set Ready + Device Status Register + Device Status Report
DSS ------ Decision Support System
DSTN ----- Double Supertwisted Nematic
DSU ------ Data Service Unit + Digital Service Unit
DSW ------ Data Status Word + Device Status Word
D2T2 ----- Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (printing)
DTA ------ Disk Transfer Area
.DTA ----- Data (file name extension)
DTD ------ Document Type Definition
DTE ------ Data Terminal Equipment + Dumb Terminal Emulator
DTL ------ Diode-Transistor Logic
DTMF ----- Data Tone Multiple Frequency + Dual Tone Multi Frequency
DTP ------ Desktop Publishing
DTR ------ Data Terminal Ready + Data Transfer Rate
DTV ------ Desktop Video
DTVC ----- Desktop Video Conferencing
DU ------- Disk Usage
DUAT ----- Direct User Access Terminal
.DV ------ DESQview Script (file name extension)
DVI ------ Digital Video Interactive
.DVR ----- Device Driver (file name extension) (Also see .DRV)
DWG ------ Drawing
D2X ------ Decimal To Hexadecimal [REXX]
.DXB ----- Drawing Interchange Binary (file name extension) [AutoCAD]
DXC ------ Data Exchange Control
DXF ------ Drawing Exchange Format

EA ------- Extended Attribute [OS/2]
EARN ----- European Academic Research Network
EAROM ---- Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory
EARS ----- Electronic Access to Reference Services
EATA ----- Enhanced AT Bus Attachment
EBC ------ EISA Bus Controller
EBCDIC --- Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code [IBM] ---
EBI ------ Equivalent Background Input + Extended Background Investigation
EBT ------ Electronic Benefits Transfer
ECAL ----- Enjoy Computing And Learn
ECC ------ Error Check Code + Error Checking and Correction + Error Correction Code
ECD ------ Enhanced Color Display
ECHO ----- European Commission Host Organization [Internet]
ECL ------ Emitter Coupled Logic
ECMA ----- European Computer Manufacturers Association
ECP ------ Enhanced Capabilities Port [Microsoft]
ECTL ----- Electronic Communal Temporal Lobe
ED ------- Erase Display
EDA ------ Embedded Document Architecture [Go Corporation]
EDC ------ Enhanced Data Correction + Error Detection and Correction
EDDC ----- Extended Distance Data Cable
EDI ------ Electronic Data Interchange + Electronic Document Interchange [DEC]
EDIFACT -- EDI for Administration Commerce and Transport
EDLC ----- Ethernet Data Link Control
EDLIN ---- Editor (Line Text)
EDOS ----- Enhanced DOS for Windows
EDP ------ Electronic Data Processing
EDPM ----- Electronic Data Processing Machine
EDSAC ---- Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer
EDSI ----- Enhanced Small Device Interface
EDU ------ Education (organization Domain name) [Internet]
EDVAC ---- Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer (First stored-program digital computer)
EEC ------ Extended Error Correction
EEG ------ Electroencephalogram
EEM ------ Extended Memory Management
EEMS ----- Enhanced Expanded Memory Specification
EEPROM --- Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EFA ------ Extended File Attribute
EFF ------ Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFI ------ Electromechanical Frequency Interference + Electronics For Imaging
EFL ------ Emitter Follower Logic
EFTS ----- Electronic Funds Transfer System
EGA ------ Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EGP ------ Exterior Gateway Protocol
EHLLAPI -- Emulator High Level Language Application Programming Interface [IBM]
EIA ------ Electronic Industries Association
EIS ------ Executive Information System
EISA ----- Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EL ------- Electroluminescent (display) + Erase Line
ELF ------ Extremely Low Frequency
ELS ------ Entry Level System
EM ------- Electronic Mail + Expanded Memory
EMA ------ Electronic Mail Association + Enterprise Management Architecture
EMACS ---- Editing Macros [Unix]
E-MAIL --- Electronic Mail
EMB ------ Extended Memory Block [LIM/AST]
EMBARC --- Electronic Mail Broadcast to a Roaming Computer [Motorola]
EMC ------ Electromagnetic Compatibility + Extended Math Coprocessor
EMI ------ Electromagnetic Interference
.EML ----- Electronic Mail (file name extension)
EMM ------ Expanded Memory Manager
EMR ------ Electro-Magnetic Radiation
EMS ------ Electronic Mail System + Electronic Message Service + Expanded Memory Specification [LIM]
.ENC ----- Encoded (file name extension)
ENDS ----- Ends Segment
ENIAC ---- Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer and Computer (First fully electronic digital computer)
ENQ ------ Enquiry
ENSS ----- Exterior Nodal Switching Subsystem [Internet]
EOA ------ End of Address
EOB ------ End of Block
EOC ------ End of Conversion
EOF ------ End of File
EOI ------ End or Identify
EOJ ------ End of Job
EOL ------ End of Line + End of List
EOM ------ End of Message
EOR ------ Exclusive OR (Also XOR)
EOS ------ End of String
EOT ------ End Of Table + End of Tape (marker) + End of Text + End of Transmission
EPL ------ Effective Privilege Level
EPLD ----- Electrically Programmable Logic Device
EPM ------ Enhanced Editor for Presentation Manager [IBM] + Enterprise Process Management [IBM]
EPP ------ Enhanced Parallel Port
EPROM ---- Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory + Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
.EPS ----- Encapsulated PostScript (file name extension)
EPSF ----- Encapsulated PostScript Files
ERAS ----- Electronic Routing and Approval System [Hughes Aircraft]
ERIC ----- Educational Resources Information Center [Internet]
ERLL ----- Enhanced Run Length Limited
EROM ----- Erasable Read Only Memory
ERR ------ Error
ES ------- Extra Segment
ESA ------ Enterprise Systems Architecture [IBM] + European Space Agency
ESC ------ Escape
ESCM ----- Extended Services Communications Manager [IBM]
ESCON ---- Enterprise System Connection (Architecture) [IBM]
ESC/P ---- Epson Standard Code for Printers
ESD ------ Electronic Software Distribution + Electrostatic Discharge
ESDI ----- Enhanced Small Device Interface
ESI ------ Enhanced Serial Interface (specification) [Hayes]
ESP ------ Emulation Sensing Processor + Enhanced Serial Port [Hayes]
ESS ------ Electronic Switching System
ESU ------ Electro-Static Unit
ETANN ---- Electrically Trainable Analog Neural Network (chip) [Intel]
ETB ------ End of Transmission Block
ETC ------ Enhanced Throughput Cellular [AT&T]
ETPL ----- Endorsed Tempest Products List
ETS ------ Econometric Time Series
ETX ------ End of Text
EU ------- Execution Unit
EVE ------ Extensible VAX Editor
EVGA ----- Extended Video Graphics Array + Extended Video Graphics Adapter
EWS ------ Employee Written Software [IBM]
ExCA ----- Exchangeable Card Architecture [Intel]
.EXE ----- Executable (file name extension)
EXE2BIN -- Program used to convert an (.EXE) file to binary format (.COM) file
EXP ------ Exponent
EXT ------ External
EXTRN ---- External Reference

FAB ------ Computer-Chip Fabrication Plant
FAC ------ File Access Code
FAMOS ---- Floating Gate Avalanche MOS
FAP ------ File Access Protocol
FAPI ----- Family Application Program Interface
FAQ ------ Frequently Asked Question
FAT ------ File Allocation Table
FAX ------ Facsimile
.FAX ----- Fax (file name extension)
FCB ------ File Control Block
FCC ------ Federal Communications Commission
FCCSET --- Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology
FCI ------ Flux Changes per Inch
FCS ------ Frame Check Sequence
FD ------- Floppy Disk + Floppy Drive + Full Duplex
FDC ------ Floppy Disk Controller
FDDI ----- Fiber Digital Device Interface + Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDISK ---- Fixed Disk
FDM ------ Frequency-Division Multiplexing
FDX ------ Full Duplex
FEFO ----- First-Ended, First-Out
FEP ------ Front End Processor
FESDK ---- Far East Software Development Kit [Microsoft]
FET ------ Field Effect Transistor
FF ------- Flip-Flop + Form Feed
FFST ----- First Failure Support Technology [IBM]
FFT ------ Fast Fourier Transform + Final Form Text [IBM]
FIF ------ Fractal Image Format
FIFO ----- First-In, First-Out
FILO ----- First-In, Last-Out
FIP ------ File Processor Buffering
FIR ------ Finite Impulse Response
FLC ------ Ferro-electric Liquid Crystal
FLD ------ Field
FLL ------ FoxPro Link Library [Microsoft Fox Pro]
FLOPS ---- Floating Point Operations Per Second
FMS ------ Forms Management System
FMT ------ Format
FNT ------ Font
FOCUS ---- Forum of Control Data Users
FOG ------ First Osborne Group
FOIRL ---- Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link [IEEE]
.FON ----- Font + Phone + Phone Directory (all file name extensions)
.FOR ----- FORTRAN source code (file name extension)
FORTH ---- (Programming Language)(See HLL)
FORTRAN -- Formula Translator (Programming Language)(See HLL)
FOSE ----- Federal Office Systems Exposition
FOSSIL --- Fido/Opus/Seadog Standard Interface Layer
FPGA ----- Field Programmable Gate-Array
FPLA ----- Field Programmable Logic-Array
FPP ------ Fixed Path Protocol + Floating Point Processor
FPS ------ Favorite Picture Selection + Frames Per Second
FPU ------ Floating Point Unit
FQDN ----- Fully Qualified Domain Name [Internet]
FRAG ----- Fragment + Fragmentation
FRAM ----- Ferroelectric Random-Access Memory
FRED ----- Frame Editor
FRPI ----- Flux Reversals Per Inch
.FRS ----- WordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)
FS ------- File Separator
FSD ------ File System Driver [OS/2]
FSF ------ Free Software Foundation [Internet]
FSK ------ Frequency Shift Keying
FSR ------ Free System Resources
F/T ------ Full Time
FTAM ----- File Transfer, Access and Management + File Transfer and Access Method
FTM ------ Flat Tension Mask [Zenith]
FTP ------ File Transfer Protocol [Internet]
FTS ------ Federal Telecommunication System
FUI ------ File Update Information
FUNC ----- Function
FVT ------ Full Video Translation
FYI ------ For Your Information

GA ------- General Availability
GAAP ----- Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAL ------ Generic Array Logic
GAPI ----- Gateway Application Programming Interface
Gb ------- Gigabit (1,000 megabits) + (One Billion Bits of Information)
GB ------- Gigabyte (1,000 megabytes) + (One Billion Characters of Information)
GCR ------ Group Code Recording
GDA ------ Global Data Area
GDDM ----- Graphics Data Display Manager
GDI ------ Graphics Device Interface
GDP ------ Graphic Draw Primitive
GDT ------ Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing + Global Descriptor Table
GECOS ---- General Electric Comprehensive Operating System
GEIS ----- General Electric Information Service (company)
GEM ------ Graphics Environment Manager (DRI Program)
GENIE ---- General Electric Network for Information Exchange
GEOS ----- Graphic Environment Operating System [Geoworks]
GET ------ Get Execute Trigger
GHZ ------ Gigahertz
.GIF ----- Graphics Interchange Format (file name extension)
GIGO ----- Garbage In, Garbage Out
GIS ------ Geographic Information System
GIX ------ Global Internet Exchange [Internet]
GKS ------ Graphical Kernal System
G/L ------ General Ledger
GLM ------ General Linear Models
.GLY ----- Glossary (file name extension) [Microsoft Word]
GMS ------ Global Messaging Service [Novell]
GMT ------ Greenwich Mean Time
GND ------ System Ground
GNU ------ Gnu's Not Unix (operating system)
GOSIP ---- Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile
GOV ------ Government (organization Domain name) [Internet]
GP ------- Gas Plasma + General Purpose
GPF ------ General Protection Fault
GPI ------ Graphics Programming Interface
GPIB ----- General Purpose Interface Bus
GPS ------ Global Positioning System
GPSS ----- General Purpose Systems Simulator (language)
GRE ------ Graphics Engine
GREP ----- Global Regular Expression Print
.GRF ----- Graph (file name extension)
.GRP ----- Group (file name extension)
GS ------- Group Separator
GUI ------ Graphical User Interface

.H ------- Header (file name extension) [C]
HACMP ---- High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing [IBM]
HAL ------ Hard Array Logic + House Programmed Array Logic
HAL ------ Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic (computer) [from 1968 movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"]
HASP ----- Houston Automatic Spooling Priority (System)
HBA ------ Host Bus Adapter
HD ------- Hard Disk + High Density
HDA ------ Head Disk Assembly
HDCD ----- High Definition Compatible Digital
HDF ------ Hierarchical Data Format [NCSA]
HDI ------ Head to Disk Interference
HDLC ----- High-Level Data Link Control
HDR ------ Header
HDSC ----- High Density Signal Carrier [DEC]
HDSL ----- High-rate Digital Subscriber Link
HDTV ----- High Definition Television
HDW ------ Hardware
HDX ------ Half Duplex
HERC ----- Hercules
HEX ------ Hexadecimal
HFS ------ Hierarchical File System [Macintosh]
HGA ------ Hercules Graphics Adapter
HGCP ----- Hercules Graphics Card Plus
HH ------- Hour
HIFD ----- High-Density Floppy Disk
HIL ------ Human Interface Link [HP]
HLCO ----- High Low Close Open
HLL ------ High Level Language
HLLAPI --- High Level Language Application Programming Interface
.HLP ----- Help (file name extension)
HLQ ------ High Level Qualifier
HLS ------ Hue, Luminance, Saturation (color model)
HLT ------ Halt
HMA ------ High Memory Area [Microsoft] + Hub Management Architecture
HMOS ----- High Density Metal Oxide Semiconductor + High Speed Metal Oxide Semiconductor
HOTT ----- Hot Off The Tree (electronic newsletter)
HP ------- Hewlett-Packard (Company)
HPCC ----- High Performance Computing and Communications
HPDJ ----- Hewlett-Packard Desk Jet
HPFS ----- High-Performance File System
HPG ------ Hewlett-Packard Graphics
HPGL ----- Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language
HPIB ----- Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus
HPLJ ----- Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet
HPPA ----- Hewlett-Packard Precision Architecture
HPPI ----- High Performance Parallel Interface
HPW ------ High Performance Workstation [Sun]
HRIS ----- Human Resource Information System
HRG ------ High Resolution Graphics
HRMS ----- Human Resource Management System
HS ------- High Speed
HSC ------ High Speed Channel
HSI ------ Hue Saturation Intensity
HSM ------ Hierarchical Storage Management
HSP ------ High Speed Printer
HSSI ----- High Speed Serial Interface
HST ------ High Speed Technology [U.S. Robotics]
.HST ----- History + Host (file name extensions)
HSV ------ Hue Saturation Value
HTML ----- HyperText Markup Language
HTTP ----- HyperText Transport Protocol
HUT ------ Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope
H/V ------ Horizontal/Vertical
HVP ------ Horizontal & Vertical Position
H/W ------ Hardware
HWCP ----- Hardware Code Page
HWD ------ Height-Width-Depth
.HYP ----- Hyphenation (file name extension)
Hz ------- Hertz

IAB ------ Internet Architecture Board [Internet]
IAC ------ Interapplication Communication
IAL ------ International Algebraic Language (ALGOL was first called IAL)
IANA ----- Internet Assigned Numbers Authority [Internet]
IAP ------ Internet Access Provider [Internet]
IAT ------ Import Address Table
IAUP ----- Internet User Account Provider [Internet]
IBC ------ Instrument Bus Computer
IBM ------ International Business Machines (Corporation)
IBM-GL --- IBM Graphics Language
IC ------- Input Circuit + Integrated Circuit + Interrupt Controller
ICA ------ Intra-application Communications Area
ICAS ----- Intel Communicating Applications Specifications
ICCP ----- Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals
ICE ------ In-Circuit Emulator [Intel]
ICI ------ Image Component Information
ICL ------ Interface Clear
ICLID ---- Incomming-Call Line Identification
ICMP ----- Internet Control Message Protocol [Novell]
.ICO ----- Icon (file name extension)
iCOMP ---- Intel Comparative Microprocessor (index) [Intel]
ICP ------ Integrated Channel Processor
ICR ------ Intelligent Character Recognition
ICS ------ Intuitive Command Structure
ID ------- Identification + Identifier
IDA ------ Integrated Digital Access + Intelligent Disk Array + Intelligent Drive Array
IDAPI ---- Integrated Database Application Programming Interface
IDE ------ Imbedded Drive Electronics + Integrated Development Environment [Borlund] + Integrated Drive Electronics + Intelligent Drive Electronics + Interactive Design and Engineering + Interface Design Enhancement
IDF ------ Intermediate Distribution Frame
IDIV ----- Integer Divide
IDMS ----- Integrated Data Base Management System
IDP ------ Integrated Data Processing
IDT ------ Interrupt Descriptor Table
.IDX ----- Index (file name extension)
IEEE ----- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEF ------ Information Engineering Facility
IEMSI ---- Interactive Electronic Mail Standard Identification
IETF ----- Internet Engineering Task Force [Internet]
I/F ------ Interface
IFD ------ Image File Directory
IFF ------ Interchangeable File Format [Amiga]
IFG ------ Incoming Fax Gateway
IFS ------ Installable File System [OS/2]
IFSM ----- Information Systems Management
IGA ------ Integrated Graphics Array
IGC ------ Integrated Graphics Controller
IGES ----- Initial Graphics Exchange Standard
IGS ------ Internet Go Server [Internet]
IIF ------ Immediate IF
IIR ------ Immediate Impulse Response
IITF ----- Information Infrastructure Task Force
IMDS ----- Image Data Stream (format) [IBM]
IMG ------ Image
IMP ------ Information/Interface Message Processor
IMPA ----- Intelligent Multi-Port Adapter [DCA]
IMS ------ Information Management System + Intermediate Maintenance Standards
IMTV ----- Interactive Multimedia Television
IMUL ----- Integer Multiply
IN ------- Input
INC ------ Increment
.INF ----- Information (file name extension)
.INI ----- Initialize (file name extension)
INIT ----- Initialize
INM ------ Integrated Network Management
INS ------ Input String
INT ------ Integer + Internal + Interrupt + International (organization Domain name) [Internet]
INTA ----- Interrupt Acknowledge
InterNIC - Internet Network Information Center [Internet]
INTO ----- Interrupt if Overflow occurs
I/O ------ Input/Output
IOCS ----- Input/Output Control System
IOCTL ---- Input/Output Control
IOPL ----- Input/Output Priviledge Level
IOSGA ---- Input/Output Support Gate Array
IP ------- Instruction Pointer + Internet Protocol
IPC ------ Instructions Per Clock + Interprocess Communication
IPDS ----- Intelligent Printer Data Stream [IBM]
IPF ------ Information Presentation Facility
IPL ------ Initial Program Load/Loader + Ion Projection Lithography
IPL ------ Information Programming Language
IPM ------ Interpersonal Message
IPSE ----- Integrated Project Support Environment
IPX ------ Internetwork Packet Exchange [Novell]
IQL ------ Interactive Query Language
IR ------- Infrared
IRC ------ Internet Relay Chat [Internet]
IRD ------ Integrated Receiver/Descrambler
IRDS ----- Information Resource Dictionary System
IRET ----- Interrupt Return
IRL ------ Interactive Reader Language + Inter-Repeater Link
IRLED ---- Infrared Light Emitting Diode
IRM ------ Information Resource Management
IRQ ------ Interrupt Request
IRTF ----- Internet Research Task Force [Internet]
IRX ------ Information Retrieval Experiment
IS ------- Information System + Interrupt Status
ISA ------ Industry Standard Architecture
ISAM ----- Indexed Sequential-Access Management/Method
ISBN ----- International Standard Book Number
ISC ------ Instruction Set Computer
ISD ------ Image Section Descriptor + Instructional Systems Design
ISDN ----- Integrated Services Digital Network
ISH ------ Information Super Highway
ISI ------ Internally Specified Index
ISIS ----- Integrated Systems and Information Services
ISL ------ Interactive System Language
ISMF ----- Interactive Storage Management Facility
ISO/OSI -- International Standards Organization/Open Systems Interconnection (model)
ISP ------ Internet Service Provider [Internet] + Interrupt Stack Pointer + Interrupt Status Port
ISPF ----- Interactive System Programming Facility
ISR ------ Information Storage and Retrieval + Interrupt Service Routine
ISSN ----- International Standard Serial Number
ISV ------ Independent Software Vendor
ITB ------ Information Technology Branch + Intermediate Text Block
ITC ------ International Typeface Corporation
ITU ------ International Telecommunication Union
ITUG ----- International Telecommunications User Group
ITV ------ Interactive Television
ITX ------ Intermediate Text Block
IU ------- Integer Unit
IUAP ----- Internet User Account Provider [Internet]
IVIS ----- Interactive Video Information System
IVR ------ Interactive Voice Response
IVS ------ Interactive Videodisk System
IVT ------ Interrupt Vector Table
IV&V ----- Independent Verification & Validation

JA ------- Jump Address + Jump if Above
JAD ------ Joint Application Design
JAE ------ Jump if Above or Equal
JANET ---- Joint Academic Network
JBE ------ Jump if Below or Equal
JC ------- Jump if Carry set
JCL ------ Job Control Language
JE ------- Jump if Equal
JEDEC ---- Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council
JEIDA ---- Japanese Electronics Industry Development Association
JES ------ Job Entry System
JFET ----- Junction Field Effect Transistor
JG ------- Jump if Greater
JGE ------ Jump if Greater or Equal
JL ------- Jump if Less
JLE ------ Jump if Less than or Equal to
JMP ------ Jump
JNA ------ Jump if Not Above
JNAE ----- Jump if Not Above or Equal
JNB ------ Jump if Not Below
JNBE ----- Jump if Not Below or Equal
JNG ------ Jump if Not Greater
JNGE ----- Jump if Not Greater or Equal
.JNK ----- Junk (file name extension)
JNLE ----- Jump if Not Less or Equal
JNO ------ Jump if No Overflow
JNP ------ Jump if No Parity
JNS ------ Jump if No Sign
JPE ------ Jump if Parity Even
JPEG ----- Joint Photographic Experts Group
JPL ------ Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JPO ------ Jump if Parity Odd
JS ------- Jump if Sign
JZ ------- Jump if Zero
JNZ ------ Jump if Not Zero
JUGHEAD -- Jonzy's Universal Gopher Hierarchy Excavation and Display [Internet]

K-12 ----- Kindergarten through 12th Grade [US Education System]
KB ------- Keyboard + Kilobyte (1,024 bytes)
KBD ------ Keyboard (also KEYB)
KBD$ ----- Keyboard [OS/2]
Kbit ----- Kilobit
KBPS ----- Kilobytes Per Second
KDT ------ Key Definition Table
KEYBBE --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Belgium
KEYBBR --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Brazil
KEYBCF --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Canadian-French
KEYBCZ --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Czechoslovakia
KEYBDF --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Denmark
KEYBFR --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- France
KEYBGR --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Germany
KEYBHU --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Hungary
KEYBIT --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Italy
KEYBLA --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Latin America
KEYBNL --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Netherlands
KEYBNO --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Norway
KEYBPL --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Poland
KEYBPO --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Portugal
KEYBSF --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Swiss-French
KEYBSG --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Swiss-German
KEYBSL --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Czechoslovakia
KEYBSP --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Spain
KEYBSU --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Finland
KEYBSV --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Sweden
KEYBUK --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- United Kingdom
KEYBUS --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- United States
KEYBYU --- Foreign language KEYBoard program -- Yugoslavia
kHz ------ Kilohertz
KPI ------ Kernal Programming Interface
KSPH ----- Keystrokes Per Hour
KSR ------ Keyboard Send Receive
KRS ------ Knowledge Retrieval System

LADDR ---- Layered Device Driver Architecture [Microsoft]
LALL ----- Longest Allowed Lobe Length
LAN ------ Local Area Network
LAPB ----- Link Access Procedure Balanced (protocol)
LAPD ----- Link Access Procedure Direct (protocol)
LAPM ----- Link Access Procedure for Modems
LAR ------ Load Access Rights
LASTport - Local Area Storage Transport (protocol) [DEC]
LAT ------ Local Area Transport [DEC]
LAVC ----- Local Area VAX Cluster
LAWN ----- Local Area Wireless Network
LB ------- Left Button (of 2 or 3 button Mouse)
LBL ------ Label
LBR ------ Librarian
.LBR ----- Library (file name extension)
LBT ------ Listen Before Talk
LCC ------ Leadless Chip Carrier
LCD ------ Liquid Crystal Display
LCK ------ Library Construction Kit [Mircrosoft FoxPro]
LCP ------ Link Control Protocol (protocol)
LCU ------ Last Cluster Used
LDA ------ Logical Device Address
LDC ------ Lotus Development Corporation
LDM ------ Long Distance Modem
LDT ------ Local Descriptor Table
LE ------- Less or Equal
LEA ------ Load Effective Address
LED ------ Light Emitting Diode
LEM ------ Language Extension Module
LEN ------ Low Entry Networking
.LET ----- Letter (file name extension)
LEX ------ Lexicon
LF ------- Line Feed
LFI ------ Last File Indicator
LFU ------ Least Frequently Used
LGDT ----- Load Global Descriptor Table
.LIB ----- Library (file name extension)
LICS ----- Lotus International Character Set [LDC]
LIDT ----- Load Interrupt Descriptor Table
LIEP ----- Large Internet Exchange Packet [Novell]
LIF ------ Low Insertion Force
LIFO ----- Last In, First Out
LILO ----- Last In, Last Out
LIM ------ Lotus/Intel/Microsoft
LIMA ----- Lotus/Intel/Microsoft/AST
LIMS ----- Library Information Management System
LIPS ----- Logical Inferences Per Second
LISP ----- List Processing (Language)(See HLL)
LLC ------ Logical Link Control
LLDT ----- Load Local Descriptor Table
LMBCS ---- Lotus Multibyte Character Set [Lotus]
LMI ------ Local Management Interface
LMSW ----- Load Machine Status Word
LM/X ----- LAN Manager for Unix
LN ------- Logarithm (Natural)
LNDI ----- Lotus Notes:Document Imaging
LOC ------ Loop On-Line Control
LOCIS ---- Library of Congress Information System
LODSB ---- Load String Byte
LOG ------ Logarithm (Base 10)
LOGO ----- (Programming Language)(See HLL)
LOOPE ---- Loop while Equal
LOOPNE --- Loop while Not Equal
LOOPNZ --- Loop while Not Zero
LOOPZ ---- Loop while Zero
LORE ----- Line Oriented Editor
LPC ------ Local Procedure Call
LPD ------ Line Printer Daemon (protocol) [Berkley]
LPI ------ Lines Per Inch
LPL ------ Lotus Programming Language [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
LPM ------ Lines Per Minute
LPN ------ Logical Page Number
LPS ------ Low-Power Schottky
LPT ------ Line Printer
LPT1 ----- First Parallel Printer Port
LPT2 ----- Second Parallel Printer Port
LPT3 ----- Third Parallel Printer Port
LQ ------- Letter Quality
LQM ------ Link Quality Monitoring (protocol)
LRC ------ Local Register Cache + Longitudinal Redundancy Check
LRL ------ Least Recently Loaded
LRM ------ Language Reference Manual
.LRS ----- Language Resource (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
LRU ------ Least Recently Used
LSA ------ Line Sharing Adapter
LSAPI ---- License Services Application Program Interface
LSB ------ Least Significant Bit
LSC ------ Least Significant Character
LSD ------ Least Significant Digit
LSI ------ Large Scale Integration
LSL ------ Load Segment Limit
LST ------ List
.LST ----- List (file name extension)
LTR ------ Left-To-Right + Letter + Load Task Register
LU ------- Logical Unit (Also LUN)
LUA ------ Logical Unit Application (interface)
LUI ------ Local User Input
LUT ------ Lookup Table
LZ ------- Lazy Write
LZW ------ Lempel-Ziv-Walsh (algorithm)

mA ------- Milliampere
MAC ------ Media/Medium Access Control
.MAC ----- MacPaint (file name extension) + Macro (file name extension)
MACH ----- Multilayer Actuator Head [Epson]
mAh ------ Milliampere-Hour
.MAI ----- Mail (file name extension)
MAN ------ Manual + Metropolitan Area Network
MANPAGE -- Manual Page [Unix]
MAP ------ Maintenance Analysis Procedures + Manufacturing Automation Protocol + Memory Allocation Map
.MAP ----- Linker Map (file name extension)
MAPI ----- Mail/Messaging Applications Programming Interface [Microsoft]
MAPICS --- Manufacturing, Accounting and Production Information Control System [IBM]
MASM ----- Macro Assembler [Microsoft]
MASS ----- Maximum Availability and Support Subsystem [Parallan]
MAU ------ Media Access Unit + Multistation Access Unit
MAVDM ---- Multiple Application VDM
MAX ------ Maximum
MB ------- Megabyte (1,000 kilobytes) + Middle Button (of 3 button Mouse)
MBASIC --- Microsoft BASIC [Microsoft]
MBPS ----- Megabytes Per Second
MBR ------ Master Boot Record
MBX ------ Mailbox
MCA ------ Micro Channel Architecture [IBM]
MCB ------ Memory Control Block
MCGA ----- Multicolor Graphics Array
MCI ------ Media Control Interface [Microsoft]
MCI MAIL - (name from original company Microwave Communications, Inc.)
MCL ------ Microsoft Compatibility Labs [Microsoft]
MCM ------ Multi-Chip Module
MCU ------ Multi-Chip Unit [DEC]
MD ------- Make Directory + Monochrome Display
MDA ------ Monochrome Display Adapter
.MDF ----- Menu Definition File (file name extension)
MDI ------ Multiple Document Interface
MDIC ----- Manchester Decoder and Interface Chip [AT&T]
MDK ------ Multimedia Developers Kit [Microsoft]
MDR ------ Minimum Design Requirement
MDY ------ Month Day Year
.ME ------ Opening Information (file name extension) (As in READ.ME)
MEB ------ Memory Expansion Board
MEG ------ Megabyte
MEM ------ Memory
.MEN ----- Menu (file name extension)
MESI ----- Modified Exclusive Shared and Invalid (protocol)
MFC ------ Microsoft Foundataion Class [Microsoft]
MFFS ----- Microsoft Flash File System [Microsoft]
MFLOPS --- Million Floating Point Operations Per Second
MFM ------ Modified Frequency Modulation
MFP ------ Multifunction Peripheral
MFS ------ Macintosh File System [Macintosh] + Magnetic Tape Field Search + Modified Filing System [Revelation Technologies]
MFT ------ Multiprogramming with a Fixed number of Tasks
MGA ------ Monochrome Graphics Adapter
MGE ------ Modular GIS Environment
MGR ------ Manager
MHS ------ Message Handling Service + Message Handling System
MHz ------ Megahertz
MIB ------ Management Information Base
MICS ----- Macro Interpretive Commands
MIDI ----- Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIF ------ Management Information Format
MII ------ Microsoft/IBM/Intel
MIL ------ Machine Interface Layer [Go Corporation] + Military (organization Domain name) [Internet]
MIM ------ Metal-Insulator-Metal (screen)
MIMD ----- Multiple Instruction Multiple Data Stream (processor)
MIME ----- Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension [Internet]
MIN ------ Minimum
MIPS ----- Million Instructions Per Second
MIS ------ Management Information System + Multimedia Information Sources [Internet]
MISC ----- Miscellaneous
MIX ------ Member Information Exchange
MKDIR ---- Make Directory
ML ------- Machine Language
MM ------- Minutes + Month
MMA ------ Microcomputer Managers Association
MMC ------ Matched Memory Cycle + Microcomputer Marketing Council
MMIS ----- Materials Manager Information System
MMPM ----- Multi Media Presentation Manager
MMU ------ Memory Management Unit
MNOS ----- Metal Nitride Oxide Semiconductor
MNP ------ Microcom Networking Protocol [Microcom]
.MNU ----- Menu (fine name extension)
MO ------- Magneto-Optical (disk drive)
MODEM ---- Modulator Demodulator
MOHLL ---- Machine Oriented High Level Language
MOM ------ Microsoft Office Manager [Microsoft]
MOV ------ Metal Oxide Varistor + Move
MOVS ----- Move String
MOD ------ Modem + Modulus
MOP ------ Maintenance Operations Protocol
MOS ------ Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSFET --- Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOV ------ Move
MOVS ----- Move String
MP ------- Multiple Processors
MPC ------ Multimedia Personal Computer
MPCS ----- Mission Planning and Control Station (Software)
MPEG ----- Moving Picture Experts Group
MPP ------ Massively Parallel Processing + Message Processing Program
MPR ------ Multipart Repeater
MPU ------ Microprocessor Unit
MR ------- Modem Ready
MRCF ----- Microsoft Realtime Compression Format
MRCI ----- Microsoft Realtime Compression Interface
MRI ------ Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRO ------ Multi-Region Operation
MRP ------ Materials Requirement Planning
MRPL ----- Main Ring Path Length
MRT ------ Mean Repair Time
MS ------- Memory System + Message Store + Microsecond + Microsoft Corporation + Millisecond
MSACM ---- Microsoft Audio Compression Manager [Microsoft]
MSAU ----- Multi-Station Access Unit
MSAV ----- Microsoft Anti Virus
MSB ------ Most Significant Bit
MSCDEX --- Microsoft Compact Disc Extensions [Microsoft]
MSD ------ Mass Storage Device + Most Significant Digit
MS-DOS --- Microsoft -- Disk Operating System [Microsoft]
MSDR ----- Multiplexed Streaming Data Request
MSDS ----- Microsoft Developer Support [Microsoft]
MSG ------ Message
.MSG ----- Program Message (file name extension)
MSI ------ Medium Scale Integration
MSL ------ Map Specification Library
.MSP ----- Microsoft Paint (file name extension) [Microsoft]
MSW ------ Machine Status Word
MTA ------ Message Transfer Agent + Multiple Terminal Access
MTBB ----- Mean Time Between Breakdowns
MTBF ----- Mean Time Between Failures
MTBJ ----- Mean Time Between Jams
MTF ------ Microsoft Tape Format [Microsoft] + Modulation Transfer Function
MTS ------ Message Transfer Service/System + Multichannel Television Sound
MTTF ----- Mean Time To Failure
MTTR ----- Mean Time To Repair
MUD ------ Multi-User Domain [Internet] + Multi-User Dungeon [Internet]
MUL ------ Multiply
MUMPS ---- Massachusetts General Hospital Utility + Multi-Programming System (Programming Language)
MUX ------ Multiplexer
mV ------- Millivolt
MVB ------ Multimedia Viewer Book
MVC ------ Multimedia Viewer Compiler
MVDM ----- Multiple Virtual DOS Machines
MVGA ----- Monochrome Video Graphics Array
MVS ------ Multiple Virtual Storage
MVT ------ Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks
MX ------- Mail Exchanger [Internet]

NACD ----- National Association of Computer Dealers
NACS ----- National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors
NAE ------ Not Above or Equal
NAK ------ Negative Acknowledgment
NAP ------ Network Access Point
NAPLPS --- North American Presentation Level Protocol Syntax (graphics)
NAS ------ Network Application Support [DEC]
NASA ----- National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASI ----- NetWare Asynchronous Services Interface [Novell]
NAU ------ Network Addressable Unit
NBE ------ Not Below or Equal
NBI ------ Nothing But Initials
NBS ------ National Bureau of Standards
NC ------- No Carry + Numerical Control
NCA ------ Network Communications Adapter
NCC ------ Network Control Center
NCGA ----- National Computer Graphics Association
NCIC ----- National Crime Information Center
NCMT ----- Numerical Control for Machine Tools
NCP ------ NetWare Core Protocol + Not Copy Protected + Network Control Processor/Program/Protocol
NCR ------ National Cash Register (Company)
NCSA ----- National Center for Supercomputing Applications
NCSI ----- Network Communications Services Interface [Novell]
NDEF ----- Not to be Defined
NDIS ----- Network Device/Driver Interface Specification
NDP ------ Numeric Data Processor
NDRO ----- Non-Destructive Read Out
NDS ------ NetWare Directory Service [Novell]
.NDX ----- Index (file name extension)
NEC ------ Nippon Electric Company
NEG ------ Negative + Negate
NET ------ Network (organization Domain name) [Internet]
NetBIOS -- Network Basic Input/Output System [IBM]
NetBEUI -- NetBIOS Extended User Interface [IBM]
.NEW ----- New Information (file name extension)
NEWS ----- NetWare Early Warning System [Frye Computer]
NEXT ----- Near-End Crosstalk
NFF ------ No Fault Found
NFS ------ Network File System
NG ------- No Good
NGE ------ Not Greater or Equal
NHC ------ National Hurricane Center
N/I ------ Non-Interlaced
NIC ------ Network Information Center [Internet] + Network Interface Card + Numeric Intensive Computing
NICAD ---- Nickel Cadmium
NID ------ New Interactive Display [NEC] + Next ID
NII ------ National Information Infrastructure
NIMH ----- Nickel-Metal Hydride
NIPS ----- Network I/Os Per Second
NIR ------ Network Information Retrieval
NIS ------ Network Information Service [Unix]
NISO ----- National Information Standards Organization
NIST ----- National Institute for Standards and Technology
NITC ----- National Information Technology Center
NJE ------ Network Job Entry (protocol) [IBM]
NL ------- New Line
NLE ------ Not Less or Equal
NLM ------ NetWare Loadable Module [Netware]
NLQ ------ Near Letter Quality
NLSFUNC -- National Language Support Function
NMI ------ Non-Maskable Interrupt
NMM ------ NetWare Management Map [NetWare]
NMOS ----- Negative Channel Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
NMS ------ Network Management System [Novell]
NN ------- No News [Internet]
NNTP ----- Network News Transfer Protocol [Internet]
NOC ------ Network Operations Center
NOP ------ No Operation
NOR ------ Not Or
NOS ------ Network Operating System
NPA ------ Network Printer Alliance
NPI ------ Network Printer Interface
NPL ------ Nonprocedural Language
NPTN ----- National Public Telecomputing Network
NPU ------ Natural Processing Unit
NPX ------ Numeric Processor Extension
NREN ----- National Research and Education Network
NRZ ------ Not Return to Zero
NRZI ----- Non Return to Zero Inverted
NS ------- Nanosecond + Network Supervisor + Non Stop
NSA POLY - National Security Agency Polygraph
NSF ------ National Science Foundation
NSTC ----- National Science and Technology Council
NSTL ----- National Software Testing Labs
NT ------- New Technology [Microsoft]
NTAS ----- NT Advamced Server [Microsoft]
NTF ------ No Trouble Found
NTFS ----- NT File System [Microsoft]
NTRAS ---- NT Remote Access Services [Microsoft]
NTSC ----- National Television Standards Committee
NUI ------ Network User Identification + Network User Interface + Notebook User Interface [Go Corporation]
NUL ------ Null + (dummy device) + (no device)
NV ------- No Overflow
NVM ------ Non-Volatile Memory
NVP ------ Nominal Velocity of Propagation
NVRAM ---- Non-Volatile Random Access Memory

OAB ------ One-to-All Broadcast
OAG ------ Official Airline Guide + Online Air Guide
OAI ------ Open Applications Interface
OAS ------ One-to-All Scatter
OBEX ----- Object Exchange [Borland]
OBJ ------ Object
OCE ------ Open Collaborative Environment [Apple]
OCL ------ Operation Control Language + Operator Control Language
OCR ------ Optical Character Recognition
ODA ------ Office Document Architecture
ODAPI ---- Open Database Application Programming Interface [Borlund]
ODBC ----- Open Database Connectivity [Microsoft]
ODBMS ---- Object-Oriented Database Management System (also see OODMS)
ODI ------ Open Datalink Interface [Novell] + Open Device Interconnect [NetWare]
ODS ------ Open Data Services [Microsoft]
OEM ------ Original Equipment Manufacturer
OF ------- Overflow Flag
OFMT ----- Output Format for Numbers
OFS ------ Output Field Separator
OH ------- Off Hook
OIDL ----- Object Interface Definition Language
OIS ------ Office Information Systems
.OLD ----- Old version (file name extension)
OLE ------ Object Linking and Embedding [Microsoft]
OLI ------ Optical Line Interface [AT&T]
OLMC ----- Output Logic Macrocell
OLTP ----- On-Line Transaction Processing
OM ------- Object Manager
OMF ------ Object Module Format [Microsoft] + Open Message Format
OMG ------ Object Management Group
OMI ------ Open Messaging Interface [Lotus]
OMNS ----- Open Network Management System
OMR ------ Optical Mark Recognition
ONC ------ Open Network Computing [Sun]
OODB ----- Object-Oriented Database
OODMS ---- Object-Oriented Database Management System (also see ODBMS)
OOL ------ Object-Oriented Language
OOPL ----- Object-Oriented Programming Language
OOPS ----- Object Oriented Programming and Systems
OOS ------ Object-Oriented Systems + Off-line Operating Simulator
OOUI ----- Object Oriented User Interface
OP ------- Operation + Optical + Output
OPAC ----- Online Public Access Catlog [Internet]
OPC ------ Optical Photoconductor
OPCODE --- Operational Code
OPD ------ Operand
OPI ------ Open Prepress Interface
OPM ------ Operations Per Minute
OPS ------ Operations
OPT ------ Open Protocol Technology
.OPT ----- Options (file name extension)
OPUS ----- Octal Program Updating System
ORACLE --- On-Line Inquiry and Report Generator (UNIX DB program)
ORG ------ Organization (organization Domain name) [Internet]
.ORI ----- Original (file name extension)
ORS ------ Output Record Separator
OS ------- Operating System
OS/2 ----- Operating System/2 [IBM]
OSA ------ Open System Architecture
OS/E ----- Operating System/Environment
OSF ------ Open Software Foundation
OSI ------ Open Systems Interconnection
OSM ------ Off-Screen Model
OSP ------ Optical Storage Processor
OSPF ----- Open Shortest Path First
OSQL ----- Object Structured Query Language
OT ------- Object Technology
OTF ------ Open Token Foundation
OTP ------ One-Time Programmable
OURS ----- Open Users Recommended Solutions
.OUT ----- Outlines (file name extension)
OUTS ----- Output String
OV ------- Overflow
.OVL ----- Program Overlay (file name extension)
.OVR ----- Program Overlay (file name extension)
OWL ------ Object Windows Library [Borlund] + Open Windows Library [Borlund]

PABX ----- Private Automatic Branch Exchange
PACS-L --- Public Access Computer Systems List [Internet]
PAD ------ Packet Assembler/Disassembler
PADS ----- Pen Application Development System [Slate Corporation]
PAIH ----- Public-Access Internet Host [Internet]
PAIS ----- Public-Access Internet Site [Internet]
.PAK ----- Packed (compressed file name extension) [NoGate Consulting]
PAL ------ Paradox Applications Language [Borlund] + Phase Alternate Line + Programmed Array Logic + Programming Assembly Language
PALC ----- Plasma-Addressed Liquid Crystal (display)
PALS ----- Principles of the Alphabet Literacy System
PAP ------ Passwork Authentication Protocol (protocol)
PAR ------ Parallel
PARA ----- Paragraph
PARC ----- Palo Alto Research Center [XEROX]
.PAS ----- PASCAL source code (file name extension)
PASCAL --- (Programming Language named for Blaise Pascal) ---
.PAT ----- Patch (file name extension)
PBE ------ Prompt By Example
PBX ------ Private Branch Exchange
PC ------- Personal Computer + Printed Circuit + Program Counter
PCB ------ Printed Circuit Board + Program Control Block
PCD ------ Photo Compact Disk
PC-DOS --- Personal Computer -- Disk Operating System [IBM]
PCI ------ Peripheral Component Interconnect [Intel]
PC-I/O --- Program Controlled I/O
PCL ------ Printer Command Language [HP] + Process Control Language
PCM ------ Personal Computer Manufacturer + Pulse Code Modulation
PCMCIA --- Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCMIM ---- Personal Computer Media Interface Module
PCN ------ Personal Computer Network
PCNFS ---- Personal Computer Network File System
PCS ------ Patchable Control Store + Personal Communication Services/System + Planning Control Sheet + Print Contrast Signal + Process Control Systems + Program Counter Store + Programmable Drive Table + Project Control System
.PCT ----- Picture (file name extension)
.PCX ----- Picture Image (file name extension)
PD ------- Public Domain
PDA ------ Personal Digital Assistant
PDD ------ Physical Device Driver
PDF ------ Portable Document Format + Portable Document File + Processor Defined Function + Program Development Facility
.PDF ----- Printer Description (file name extension)[Borlund,Lotus]
PDIAL ---- Public Dialup Internet Access List [Internet]
PDL ------ Page Description Language + Program Description Language + Program Design Language
PDN ------ Public Data Network
PDP ------ Progammable Data Processor + (DEC Computer System Designation, i.e. PDP-8, PDP-11)
PDS ------ Packet Driver Specification + Partitioned Data Set + Processor Direct Slot [Macintosh]
PDSS ----- Post Development and Software Support
PDT ------ Programmable Drive Table
.PDX ----- Paradox files (file name extension) [Borlund]
PE ------- Parity Even + Processing Element + Protect Enable
PEA ------ Pocket Ethernet Adapter
PEL ------ Picture Element [IBM]
PEN SDK -- Pen Computing Software Development Kit
PEP ------ Packetized Ensemble Protocol [Telebit]
PERL ----- Practical Extraction and Report Language [Unix]
PERT ----- Program Evaluation and Review Technique
PES ------ Positioning Error Signal + Processor Enhancement Socket
PET ------ Print Enhancement Technology [Compaq]
.PFM ----- Printer Font Metrics (file name extension) [Windows]
PFR ------ Power-Fail Restart
PGA ------ Pin Grid Array + Professional Graphics Adapter [IBM]
PGDN ----- Page Down
.PGL ----- Graphics (file name extension) [Hewlett-Packard]
PGM ------ Program
.PGP ----- ProGram Parameter (file name extension) [AutoCAD]
PGUP ----- Page Up
PHIGS ---- Programmers' Hierarchial Interactive Graphics Standards
.PHO ----- Phone List (file name extension)
PI ------- Program Interruption
PIA ------ Peripheral Interface Adapter
PIC ------ Personal Intelligent Communicator + Priority Interrupt Controller + Program Interrupt Controller
PICT ----- Picture
PID ------ Process Identification Number
PIF ------ Program Information File
PILOT ---- Programmed Inquiry Learning Or Teaching
PilotACE - Pilot Automatic Computing Engine
PIM ------ Personal Information Manager
PIN ------ Personal Identification Number + Process Identification Number [Unix]
PINE ----- Pine Is Not Elm [Unix]
PING ----- Packet Internet Groper
PIO ------ Parallel Input/Output + Processor Input/Output + Programmed Input/Output
PIP ------ Picture In Picture + Problem Isolation Procedure + Programmable Interconnect Point
PIPO ----- Parallel In, Parallel Out
PIT ------ Programmable Interval Timer
PIXEL ---- Picture Element
PL ------- Plus
PLA ------ Programmable Logic-Array
PLATO ---- Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations
PLC ------ Programmable Logic Controller
PLCC ----- Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier
PLD ------ Programmable Logic Device
PLL ------ Phase Locked Loop
.PLL ----- Prelinked Library (file name extension) [Clipper]
PL/M ----- Programming Language for Micros
PLV ------ Production Level Video
PL/1 ----- Programming Language One
PM ------- Presentation Manager [IBM] + Preventative Maintenance + Process Manager
PMMU ----- Paged Memory Management Unit
PMOS ----- Positive Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
PMS ------ Policy Management System
PN ------- Processing Node
PNP ------ Plug And Play
PO ------- Parity Odd
POL ------ Problem Oriented Language
POP ------ Point Of Presence [MCI] + Pop from Stack + Post Office Protocol
POPA ----- Pop All Registers
POPF ----- Pop Flags
POS ------ Point Of Sale + Positive + Programmable Object Select
POSIX ---- Portable Operating System Environment Standard [IEEE]
POST ----- Power-On Self Test
POSTNET -- Postal Numeric Encoding Technique
POWER ---- Performance Optimization with Enhanced RISC [IBM]
PPDS ----- Personal Printer Data Stream [IBM]
PPM ------ Pages Per Minute
PPP ------ Point-to-Point Protocol [Internet]
PPS ------ Packets Per Second + Power Personal Systems [IBM]
PRAM ----- Parallel Random-Access Machine + Paramater Random Access Memory
.PRD ----- Printer Driver (file name extension) [Word]
.PRF ----- Preferences (file name extension) [Grammatik IV]
.PRG ----- Program (file name extension)
PRMD ----- Private Mangement Domain [X.400}
.PRO ----- Profile (file name extension)
PROC ----- Procedure
PROFS ---- Professional Office System [IBM]
PROG ----- Program + Programmer
PROLOG --- Programming In Logic (Programming Language)(See HLL)
PROM ----- Programmable Read Only Memory
PRN ------ Printer
PPP ------ Point-to-Point Protocol
PRACSA --- Public Remote Access Computer Standards Association
PRAM ----- Parameter Random Access Memory + Programmable Random Access Memory
PRMD ----- Private Management Domain
.PRS ----- Printer (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
PRTSC ---- Print Screen
PS ------- Proportional Spacing
.PS ------ PostScript (file name extension)
PS/2 ----- Programming System 2 [IBM]
PSC ------ Product Service Center
PSDN ----- Packet-Switched Data Network
PSF ------ Permanent Swap File
PSID ----- PostScript Image Data
PSP ------ Personal Software Products (group) [IBM] + Program Segment Prefix
P-SRAM --- Pseudo-Static Random Access Memory
PSTN ----- Public Switch Telephone Network
PSW ------ Program Status Word
PT ------- Page Table
P/T ------ Part Time
PTD ------ Parallel Transfer Disk Drive
PUB ------ Public (directory) [Internet] + Publish
.PUB ----- Publication (file name extension) [Ventura]
PUS ------ Processor Upgrade Socket
PUSHA ---- Push All Registers
PUSHF ---- Push Flags
PVC ------ Polyvinyl Chloride
PVM ------ Parallel Virtual Machine + Pass-through Virtual Machine (protocol) [IBM]
PW ------- Password
PWB ------ Printed Wire Board + Programmer's Workbench [Microsoft]
PWR ------ Power ----
PWSCS ---- Programmable Worstation Communication Services [IBM]
.PX ------ Primary Index (file name extension) [Paradox]

QA ------- Quality Assurance
QAM ------ Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
QBE ------ Query By Example
QBF ------ Query by Form
QC ------- Quality Control
QDOS ----- Quick and Dirty Operating System
.QDI ----- Dictionary (file name extension) [Quicken]
.QDT ----- Data (file name extension) [Quicken]
QFA ------ Quick File Access
QIC ------ Quality Information Using Cycle Time [Hewlett-Packard] + Quarter-Inch Cartridge
.QIF ----- Quicken Interchange Format (file name extension)
.QMT ----- Memorized List (file name extension) [Quicken]
.QNX ----- Indexes to Data (file name extension) [Quicken]
QPSK ----- Quadrature Phase Shift Keying

RA ------- Return Authorization
RACF ----- Resource Access Control Facility
RAG ------ Row Address Generator
RAID ----- Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks + Redundant Arrays of Independent Drives + Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks
RALU ----- Register Arithmetic Logic Unit
RAM ------ Random Access Memory
RAMDAC --- Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter [Sierra]
RAND ----- Random
RAP ------ Rapid Application Prototyping
RARP ----- Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
RAS ------ Random Access Storage + Reliability, Availability and Serviceability + Row Address Select
RB ------- Right Button (of 2 or 3 button Mouse)
RBBS ----- Remote Bulletin Board System
RCL ------ Rotate Carry Left
RCP ------ Remote Copy [Internet] + Restore Cursor Position
RCR ------ Rotate Carry Right
RCS ------ Records Communications Switching System
RD ------- Receive Data + Remove Directory
R&D ------ Research and Development
RDA ------ Remote Database Access
RDB ------ Receive Data Buffer + Relational Database
RDBMS ---- Relational Database Mangement System
RDCLK ---- Received Timing Clock
RDSR ----- Receiver Data Service Request
.REC ----- Recorder (file name extension)
.REF ----- Reference (file name extension)
REG ------ Register
REGAL ---- Rigid Epoxy Glass Acrylic Laminate
RELSECT -- Relative Sector
REM ------ Remark + Remote + Ring Error Monitor
REN ------ Rename
REP ------ Repeat
REPE ----- Repeat while Equal
REPNE ---- Repeat while Not Equal
REPNZ ---- Repeat while Not Zero
REPZ ----- Repeat while Zero
REQ ------ Request
RES ------ Remote Execution Service + Reset + Resolution
.RES ----- Resource (file name extension)
RET ------ Resolution Enhancement Technology [HP] + Return
REX ------ Relocatable Executable
REXX ----- Restructured Extended Executor (language) [IBM]
RF ------- Radio Frequency
RFC ------ Request For Comments [Internet]
RFI ------ Radio Frequency Interference
RFP ------ Request for Proposal
RFS ------ Remote File Sharing + Remote File System
RFT ------ Revisable Form Text + Rich Text Format
RFU ------ Reserved For Future Use
RGB ------ Red-Green-Blue (color model)
RI ------- Referential Integrity
RIFF ----- Resource Interschange File Format [Microsoft]
RIM ------ Remote Installation and Maintenance [Microsoft]
RIME ----- RelayNet International Message Exchange
RIP ------ Raster Image Processor + Remote Imaging Protocol + Routing Information Protocol [Novell]
RISC ----- Reduced Instruction Set Computer
RJE ------ Remote Job Entry
RLE ------ Run Length Encoded
RLL ------ Run Length Limited
RLN ------ Remote LAN Node [DCA]
RLSD ----- Received Line Signal Detected
RLSI ----- Ridiculously Large-Scale Integration
RM ------- Reset Mode
RMA ------ Return Material Authorization + Return to Manufacturer Authorization
RMDIR ---- Remove Directory
RMON ----- Remote Monitor/Monitoring
RMS ------ Record Management Services + Root Mean Square
RN ------- Read News [Internet]
RND ------ Random
R-O ------ Read Only
ROL ------ Rotate Left
ROM ------ Read Only Memory
ROR ------ Rotate Right
RPC ------ Real Procedure Call + Remote Procedure Call
RPG ------ Report Program Generator (Programming Language)
RPL ------ Resident Programming Language + Requested Privilege Level
RPPROM --- Reprogrammable PROM
RPT ------ Repeat
RPQ ------ Request for Price Quotation
RQBE ----- Relational Query By Example [Fox Pro]
RR ------- Real Reality
RS ------- Radio Shack + Recommended Standard (as in RS-232) [EIA] + Record Separator + Request to Send
RSA129 --- (129 digit cryptographic security number named after its inventors: Drs. Ronald Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adelman)
RSCS ----- Remote Spooling Communications System
RSL ------ Request-and-Status Link
RSP ------ Required Space Character
RST ------ Reset + Restart
RSTS ----- Resource Sharing Time Sharing [Digital]
RSX ------ Real Time Resource Sharing Executive
RT ------- Real Time + RISC Technology + Run Time
R/T ------ Receive/Transmit
RTAM ----- Remote Terminal Access Method
RTC ------ Real-Time Clock
RTF ------ Rich Text Format
RTL ------ Register Transfer Language + Resistor Transistor Logic + Right-To-Left + Run Time Library
RTM ------ Response Time Monitor + Runtime Manager [Borland]
RTOS ----- Real-Time Operating System
RTS ------ Request To Send
RTTY ----- Radio Teletypewriter (Communications)
RTV ------ Real Time Video
R/W ------ Read/Write
RWM ------ Read-Write Memory
RX ------- Receiver
RXD ------ Received Data

SAA ------ Systems Application Architecture [IBM]
SADL ----- Synchronous Data Link Control [Racal-Vadic]
SAINT ---- Symbolic Automatic Integrator
SAL ------ Shift Arithmetic Left
SAM ------ Serial Access Memory + Sequential Access Method
SAP ------ Second Audio Program + Service Access Point [DEC] + Service Advertising Protocol
SAP ------ Symbolic Assembly Program
SAR ------ Shift Arithmetic Right + Successive Approximation Register
SAS ------ Sales Accounting System + Single Audio System
.SAV ----- Saved (file name extension)
SAVDM ---- Single Application VDM
SB ------- Sound Board
SBA ------ Scene Balance Algorithms [Kodak]
SBB ------ Subtract With Borrow
SBC ------ Single-Board Computer
SBCS ----- Single-Byte Character Set
SCAS ----- Scan String
SCB ------ Subsystem Control Block [IBM]
SCC ------ Serial Communications Controllers + Serial Controller Chip + Synchronous Channel Check [IBM]
SCCS ----- Source Code Control System
SCD ------ Standard Color Display
SCF ------ System Control Facility
SCM ------ Software Configuration Management
SCO ------ Santa Cruz Operation (Software Company)
SCOPE ---- Simple Communications Programming Enironment [Hayes]
SCP ------ Save Cursor Position + Subsystem Control Port + System Control Program
SCR ------ Silicon Controlled Rectifier
.SCR ----- Script (file name extension)
SCRN ----- Screen (video display)
SCSA ----- Signal Computing System Architecture [Dialogic]
SCSI ----- Small Computer Systems Interface
SD ------- Send Data
SDA ------ Software Disk Array + Source Data Automation + System Display Architecture [Digital]
SDB ------ Symbolic Debugger [Unix]
SDF ------ Space Delimited File + Space Delimited Format
.SDF ----- Standard Data Format (file name extension)
SDI ------ Selective Dissemination of Information
SDK ------ Software Developer's Kit [Microsoft]
SDLC ----- Synchronous Data Link Control (protocol)
SDN ------ Software Defined Network [AT&T]
SDNS ----- Secure Data Network Service
SDR ------ Streaming Data Request
SDS ------ Sysops Distribution System
SD_STB --- Streaming Data Strobe [IBM]
SEA ------ Standard Extended Attribute [OS/2]
.SEA ----- Self Extracting Archive (file name extension) [Macintosh]
SEAC ----- Name of first computer to use transistors, built by Standard Eastern Automating Computing
SEC ------ Single Error Correction
SECAM ---- Sequentiel Couleur Avec Memoire (Sequential Color With Memory)
SED ------ Stream Editor
SEG ------ Segment
SEL ------ Select
SEM ------ Scanning Electron Microscope + Standard Electronic Module
SER ------ Serial
SET ------ Softwave Engineering Technology
.SET ----- Driver Set (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC] + Image Settings (file name extension) [Paradox]
SEU ------ Smallest Executable Unit
SF ------- Sign Flag
SFQL ----- Structured Full-text Query Language
SFT ------ System Fault Tolerance
SFX ------ Sound Effect(s)
SGEN ----- Signal Generator + System Generator
SGDT ----- Store Global Descriptor Table
SGML ----- Standard Generalized Markup Language
SGR ------ Set Graphics Rendition
S/H ------ Sample and Hold
SHAR ----- Shell Archive
SHL ------ Shift Logical Left
SHR ------ Shift Logical Right
SI ------- Source Index + System Information ----
SID ------ Station Identification [AT&T] + Symbolic Interactive Debugger
SIDT ----- Store Interrupt Descriptor Table
SIG ------ Special Interest Group
SIGCAT --- Special Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications and Technology
SIM ------ Simulator
SIMD ----- Single Instruction Multiple Data Stream (processor)
SIMM ----- Single In-line Memory Module
SIMULA --- Simulation (language)
SIO ------ Serial Input/Output (communications driver)
SIP ------ Single In-line Package
SIPO ----- Serial In, Parallel Out
SIPP ----- Single In-line Pin Package
SIR ------ Serial Infrared [Hewlett-Packard]
SIT ------ Special Information Tones
SISO ----- Serial In, Serial Out
SLDT ----- Store Local Descriptor Table
SLIP ----- Serial Line Interface Protocol
SLMR ----- Silly Little Modem Reader
SLOSH ---- Sea, Lake and Overland Surge from Hurricane (program)
SLSI ----- Super Large-Scale Integration
SLSS ----- Systems Library Subscription Service [IBM]
SM ------- Set Mode + Shared Memory
SMB ------ Server Message Block (protocol) [MII]
SMD ------ Surface Mounted Device
SMDS ----- Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service
SMF ------ System Manager Facility [Compaq]
SMI ------ System Management Interrupt [Intel]
SMIF ----- Standard Mechanical Interface
SMIT ----- System Management Interface Tool [IBM]
SMK ------ Software Migration Kit [Microsoft]
SMM ------ System Mangement Mode [Intel]
SMP ------ Symbolic Manipulation Program + Symmetrical Multiprocessor
.SMP ----- Sample (file name extension)
SMPC ----- Shared Memory Parallel Computer
SMPS ----- Switching Mode Power Supply
SMRAM ---- System Management Random Access Memory
SMS ------ Storage Management Services [NetWare] + Storage Management Subsystem
SMSW ----- Store Machine Status Word
SMT ------ Surface-Mount Technology
SMTP ----- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SMU ------ System Management Utility
SN ------- Serial Number
S/N ------ Signal-to-Noise (Ratio)
SNA ------ Systems Network Architecture [IBM]
SND ------ Sound
SNMP ----- Simple Network Management Protocol
SNOBOL --- String Oriented Symbolic Language (Progamming Language)
SNP ------ Serial Number/Password [Omen Technology]
SNR ------ Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SOC ------ System On a Chip
SOE ------ Standard Operating Environment
SOH ------ Start of Header
SOL ------ Simulation Oriented Language
SOM ------ Start of Message + System Object Model [IBM]
SONET ---- Synchronous Optical Network
SOP ------ Standard Operating Procedures
SOS ------ Silicon On Sapphire + Standards and Open Systems
SOTA ----- State Of The Art
SOX ------ Sound Exchange
SP ------- Service Pack [IBM] + Stack Pointer + System Product
SPA ------ Software Publishers Association
SPARC ---- Scalable Processor Architecture
SPC ------ Small Peripheral Controller + Statistical Process Control
SPCL ----- Spectrum Cellular Corporation
SPF ------ Shortest Path First + System Programming Facility
SPI ------ Service Provider Interface
SPIKE ---- Science Planning Intelligent Knowledge-Based Environment [STScI]
SPL ------ Spooler
.SPL ----- Spell Checker (file name extension)
SPM ------ System Performance Monitor [IBM]
SPOOL ---- Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On Line
SPS ------ Standby Power System
SPSS ----- Statistical Package for the Social Sciences
SPT ------ Sectors Per Track
SPX ------ Sequenced Packet Exchange [Novell]
SQ ------- Squeezed (files)
SQL/DS --- Structured Query Language/Data System [IBM]
SQRT ----- Square Root
SR ------- Shift Register
SRAM ----- Shadow Random Access Memory + Static Random Access Memory
.SRC ----- Source (file name extension)
SRD ------ Screen Reader System
SRM ------ Security Reference Monitor
SRO ------ Sharable and Read Only
SRPI ----- Server-Requester Programming Interface
SRQ ------ Service Request
SRR ------ Serially Reusable Resource
SS ------- Stack Segment + Single Sided + Seconds
SSEC ----- Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator [IBM]
SSGA ----- System Suppport Gate Array
SSI ------ Small Scale Integration
SST ------ Spread-Spectrum Technology
STA ------ Spanning Tree Algorithm
STB ------ Strobe
STC ------ Set Carry Flag
STD ------ Set Direction Flag + Standard
STDA ----- StreetTalk Directory Assistance [Banyan]
STDAUX --- Standard Auxillary
STDERR --- Standard Error
STDIN ---- Standard Input
STDIO.H -- Standard Input/Output Header [C]
STDM ----- Statistical Time Division Multiplexer
STDOUT --- Standard Output
STDPRN --- Standard Printer
.STF ----- Structured File (file name extension) [Lotus Agenda]
STI ------ Set Interrupt Flag
STN ------ Super-Twist Nematic
STOS ----- Store String
STP ------ Shielded Twisted Pair (cable) + Signal Transfer Point
STR ------ Store Task Register + Synchronous Transmitter Receiver
STRESS --- Structural Engineering System Solver (Programming Language)
STRUDL --- Structural Design Language (Programming Language)
STScI ---- Space Telescope Science Institute
STX ------ Start of Text
.STY ----- Style (file name extension) [Ventura, Word, WordPerfect]
SUB ------ Subroutine + Substitute + Subtract
.SUP ----- Supplemental Dictionary (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
SVGA ----- Super Video Graphics Array
S-VHS ---- Super VHS
SVR# ----- System V Release Number [AT&T]
S/W ------ Software
.SWP ----- Swap (file name extension)
SYLK ----- Symbolic Link
.SYM ----- Symbols (file name extension)
.SYN ----- Synonym (file name extension)
SYNC ----- Synchronous
SYS ------ System
.SYS ----- System Configuration (file name extension) + System Device Driver (file name extension)
SYSGEN --- System Generator
SYSLOG --- System Log
SYSMOD --- System Modification
SYSOP ---- System Operator
SYSREQ --- System Request

TAD ------ Telephone Answering Device
TAPCIS --- The Access Program for the CompuServe Information Service
TAPI ----- Telephony Applications Programming Interface
TAR ------ Tape Archive
TASM ----- Turbo Assembler [Borland]
TAXI ----- Transparent Asynchronous Tranceiver Interface
TB ------- Terabyte (1,000 gigabytes)
T/B ------ Top and Bottom
TBBS ----- The Bread Board System (BBS)
.TBK ----- Toolbook (file name extension)
TC ------- Test Control + Transmission Control
TCM ------ Trellis-Coded Modulation
TCP/IP --- Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TD ------- Transmit Data
TDtoDP --- Tablet Coordinates to Display Coordinates (converting)
TDE ------ Terminal Display Editor
.TDF ----- Trace Definition File (file name extension) [OS/2] + Typeface Definition File (file name extension)
TDM ------ Time Division Multiplexing
TDMA ----- Time Division Multiple Access
TDMS ----- Terminal Display Management System
TDSR ----- Transmitter Data Service Request
TDR ------ Time Domain Reflectometry
TE/2 ----- Terminal Emulator/2 [Oberon]
TEC ------ Tokyo Electronics Corporation
TED ------ Tiny Editor
TEML ----- Turbo Editor Macro Language [Borlund]
TER ------ Thermal Eclipse Reading [Sony]
TERMPWR -- Terminator Power
TFDD ----- Text File Device Driver
TFEL ----- Thin-Film Electroluminescent
.TFM ----- Tagged Font Metric (file name extension)
TFT ------ Thin-Film Transistor (screens)
THD ------ Total Harmonic Distortion
.THD ----- Thread (file name extension)
THOR ----- Tandy High-Performance Optical Recording
.THS ----- Thesaurus (file name extension)
TI ------- Texas Instruments, Inc.
TID ------ Target ID
TIES ----- Time Independent Escape Sequence
.TIF ----- Tagged Image File (filename extension)
TIFF ----- Tagged Image File Format
TIGA ----- Texas Instruments Graphics Architecture
TIGER ---- Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing
TIP ------ Terminal Interface Processor
TLB ------ Translation Lookaside Buffer
TLI ------ Transport Layer Interface
TLU ------ Table Lookup
.TLX ----- Telex (file name extension)
TM ------- Trademark
TMP ------ Temporary
TN ------- Twisted Nematic
TNC ------ Terminal Node Controller
TOP ------ Technical and Office Protocol
TPC ------ Transaction Processing Performance Council
TPI ------ Tracks Per Inch
TPL ------ Table Producing Language
TPM ------ Transactions Per Minute
TPORT ---- Twisted Pair Port Transceiver [AT&T]
TPS ------ Transactions Per Second + Transaction Processing System
TPW ------ Turbo Pascal for Windows
TQM ------ Total Quality Management
TR ------- Terminal Ready
T/R ------ Transmit/Receive
TRADIC --- Transistorized Airborne Digital Computer (Name of first computer to be entirely transistorized)
.TRM ----- Terminal (file name extension)
TRN ------ Threaded Read News [Internet]
TRON ----- The Real-Time Operating System Nucleus
TS ------- Top Secret
TSA ------ Technical Support Alliance
TSAPI ---- Telephony Services Application Program Interface [AT&T + Novell]
TSB ------ Termination Status Block
TSO ------ Time Sharing Option
TSR ------ Terminate and Stay Resident
TSS ------ Task State Segment + Time Sharing System
TS/SI ---- Top Secret/Sensitive Information
.TST ----- Test (file name extension)
TSTN ----- Triple Supertwisted Nematic
.TTF ----- TrueType Font (file name extension)
TTL ------ Transistor-Transistor Logic
TTS ------ Text-To-Speech + Transaction Tracking System
TTY ------ Teletype
TUI ------ Text-Based User Interface [WordPerfect]
.TUT ----- Tutorial (file name extension)
TVF ------ Table of contents Verbosely from File [UNIX]
TVI ------ Television Interference
TWX ------ Teletypewriter Exchange Service
TXD ------ Transmitted Data
TXT ------ Text
TXT2STF -- Text To Structured File [Lotus Agenda]

UA ------- User Agent + User Area
UAE ------ Unrecoverable Application Error
UART ----- Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
.UC2 ----- Compressed File (file name extension) [UltraCompressor]
UCL ------ Universal Communications Language
UCS ------ Universal Character Set
UDC ------ User Defined Commands
UDE ------ Universal Data Exchange
UDF ------ User Defined Functions
UDP ------ User Datagram Protocol
UFS ------ Unix File System
UG ------- User Group
UI ------- Unix International + User Interface
UID ------ User Identifier
UL ------- Underwriters Laboratories + Upload
ULA ------ Uncommitted Logic Array
ULN ------ Universal Link Negotiation
ULSI ----- Ultra Large Scale Integration
UMB ------ Upper Memory Block [LIM/AST]
UNC ------ Universal Naming Convention + Uuencoded Netnews Collator [Unix]
UNCOL ---- Universal Computed Oriented Language
UNICOM --- Universal Integrated Communication (System)
UNICOS --- Universal Compiler FORTRAN compatible
UNIVAC --- Universal Automatic Computer
UNIX ----- (AT&T Bell Laboratories Operating System)
UNMA ----- Unified Network Management Architecture
UPC ------ Universal Product Code
UPL ------ User Program Language
UPM ------ Unix Programmer's Manual + User Profile Management [IBM]
UPS ------ Uninterruptible Power Supply + Uninterruptible Power System
UREP ----- Unix RSCS Emulation Protocol (protocol)
URL ------ Uniform Resource Locator
US ------- Unit Separator
USART ---- Universal Synchronous-Asynchronous Reciever/Transmitter
USENET --- User's Network [Internet]
USERID --- User Identification
USQ ------ Unsqueezed (files)
USR ------ US Robotics (corporation)
USRT ----- Universal Synchronous Receiver/Transmitter
USSA ----- User Supported Software Association (United Kingdom)
UT ------- User Terminal
UTC ------ Coordinated Universal Time
UTI ------ Universal Text Interchange
UTP ------ Unshielded Twisted-Pair (cable)
UU ------- Uuencode/Uudecode
UUCP ----- Unix-To-Unix Copy Program
UUD ------ UUDecoding [Unix]
UUE ------ UUEncoding [Unix]
UUI ------ User-To-User Information [AT&T]
UV ------- Ultraviolet

VA ------- Virtual Address
VAD ------ Value Added Dealer
VADD ----- Value Added Disk Driver
VAL ------ Value + Voice Application Language
.VAL ----- Validity Checks (file name extension) [Paradox]
VAM ------ Virtual Access Method
VAN ------ Value Added Network
VAP ------ Value Added Process
VAR ------ Value Added Reseller + Value Added Retailer + Variable
VAX/VMS -- Virtual Address Extension/Virtual Memory System [DEC]
VB ------- Variable Block + Visual Basic [Microsoft]
VBA ------ Visual Basic for Applications [Microsoft]
.VBX ----- Visual Basic (file name extension)
VCD ------ Virtual Communications Driver
VCPI ----- Virtual Control Program Interface
VCR ------ Video Cassette Recorder
VDD ------ Virtual Device Driver
VDDM ----- Virtual Device Driver Manager
VDE ------ Video Display Editor
VDISK ---- Virtual Disk
VDM ------ Virtual DOS Machine [IBM]
VDS ------ Virtual DMA Services
VDT ------ Video Display Terminal
VDU ------ Video Display Unit + Visual Display Unit
VEGA ----- Video-7 Enhanced Graphics Adapter [Video-7, Inc.]
VEMM ----- Virtual Expanded Memory Manager
VER ------ Verify + Version
VERONICA - Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Network Index to Computer Archives [Internet]
VERR ----- Verify Read Access
VERW ----- Verify Write Access
VESA ----- Video Electronics Standards Association
VFD ------ Vacuum Fluorescent Display
VGA ------ Video Graphics Array
VGC ------ Video Graphics Controller
VHS ------ Very High Speed + Virtual Host Storage
VHSIC ---- Very High Speed Integrated Circuit
VI ------- Visual Interactive (editor) [UNIX]
VIE ------ Virtual Information Environment
VIM ------ Vendor Independent Messaging (interface)
VIO ------ Video Input/Output + Virtual Input/Output
VINES ---- Virtual Network Operating System [Banyan]
VIP ------ Variable Information Processing
VIPER ---- Verifiable Integrated Processor for Enhanced Reliability
VIS ------ Video Information System [Tandy] + Voice Information System
VL-BUS --- Vesa Local-Bus [VESA]
VLF ------ Very Low Frequency
VLIW ----- Very Long Instruction Word
VLM ------ Virtual Loadable Module
VLSI ----- Very Large Scale Integration
VLSIPS --- Very Large Scale Immobilized Polymer Synthesis
VLT ------ Variable List Table
VM ------- Virtual Machine + Virtual Memory
VMA ------ Virtual Memory Address
VMB ------ Virtual Machine Boot
VMM ------ Virtual Memory Manager
VMOS ----- Vertical MOS
VMS ------ Virtual Memory System + Voice Message System
VMT ------ Virtual Memory Technique
VNA ------ Virtual Network Architecture
VOL ------ Volume
VOM ------ Volt Ohm Meter
VOS ------ Verbal Operating System
VPD ------ Virtual Printer Device
VPDS ----- Virtual Private Data Service [MCI]
VR ------- Virtual Reality + Voltage Regulator
VRAM ----- Video Random Access Memory
VROOMM --- Virtual Real-time Object Oriented Memory Manager [Borlund]
.VRS ----- WordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)
VRU ------ Voice Response Unit
VS ------- Virtual Storage
VSAM ----- Virtual Storage Access Method
VSAT ----- Very Small Aperture Terminal
VSE ------ Virtual Storage Extended
VSF ------ Vertical Scanning Frequency
VSLI ----- Very Large Scale Integration
VSM ------ Virtual Shared Memory + Virtual Storage Management
VSOS ----- Virtual Storage Operating System
VSYNC ---- Vertical Sync
VTAM ----- Virtual Telecommunications Access Method [IBM]
VUI ------ Video User Interface
VUP ------ VAX Unit of Performance
VMS ------ Virtual Memory System + Voice Message System
VWB ------ Visual WorkBench [Microsoft]

W/ ------- With
W3 ------- (see WWW)
W4 ------- What-Works-With-What
WABI ----- Windows Application Binary Interface [Sun]
WAIS ----- Wide Area Information Server/Service
WAITS ---- Wide Area Information Transfer System
WAN ------ Wide Area Network
WATS ----- Wide Area Telecommunications Service
.WAV ----- Waveform Audio (file name extension)
WC ------- Word Count
WELL ----- Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (BBS)
WFW ------ Windows For Workgroups [Microsoft]
WGS ------ Work Group System
WINForum - Wireless Information Networks Forum
WINWORD -- Word For Windows [Microsoft]
WISE ----- WordPerfect Information System Environment
.WKB ----- Workbook (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
.WKE ----- Worksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
.WKQ ----- Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORQU]
.WKS ----- Worksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
.WKZ ----- Compressed Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORQU]
.WK1 ----- Worksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
.WMF ----- Windows Metafile Format (file name extension) [Microsoft]
WNIC ----- Wide-Area Network Interface Co-Processor
WNIM ----- Wide-Area Network Interface Module
W/O ------ Without
WORM ----- Write Once, Read Many
WOSA ----- Windows Open Services/Systems Architecture [Microsoft]
WP ------- WordPerfect + Word Processing + Write Protected
.WPG ----- Graphics (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
WPHD ----- Write-Protect Hard Disk
.WPK ----- Keyboard (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
WPM ------ Words Per Minute
.WPM ----- Macro (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
WPS ------ Windows Printing System [Microsoft] + Workplace Shell [OS2]
.WQ1 ----- Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORPQU]
.WQ! ----- Compressed Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORPQU]
WS ------- WordStar + Workstation
WT ------- Write Through
WWIS ----- World Wide Information System [Internet]
WWW ------ World-Wide Web [Internet]
WYSBYGI -- What You See Before You Get It
WYSIWYG -- What You See Is What You Get

XA ------- Extended Architecture + Extended Attribute
XAPIA ---- X.400 Application Program Interface Association
X2B ------ Hexadecimal to Binary [REXX]
X2C ------ Hexadecimal to Character [REXX]
XCHG ----- Exchange
XCMD ----- External Command
XCOPY ---- Extended Copy
X2D ------ Hexadecimal to Decimal [REXX]
XDR ------ Extended/External Data Representation
XFCN ----- External Function
XGA ------ Extended Graphics Array [IBM]
XID ------ Exchange Identifier
XIOS ----- Extended Input/Output System
XLAT ----- Translate
XLM ------ Excel Macro Language [Microsoft]
XMIT ----- Transmit
XMM ------ Extended Memory Manager [LIM/AST]
XMS ------ Extended Memory Specification [LIM/AST]
XNS ------ Xerox Network System (protocol) [Xerox]
XOFF ----- Transmitter Off
XON ------ Transmitter On
XOR ------ Exclusive OR (Also EOR)
XSMD ----- Extended Storage Module Drive (interface)
XTAL ----- Crystal
XTCLK ---- External Transmit Clock

YAM ------ Yet Another Modem [Omen Technology]

ZBR ------ Zone Bit Recording
Z-CAV ---- Zoned Constant Angular Velocity
ZDS ------ Zenith Data Systems
ZIF ------ Zero-Insertion Force (socket)
ZIP ------ Zigzag In-Line Package + Zone Improvement Plan (ZIPcode)
.ZIP ----- Compressed File (file name extension) [PKWare]
.ZOO ----- Compressed File (file name extension) [Dhesi]
ZSL ------ Zero Slot LAN
.$$$ ----- Temporary File (file name extension)